Sneak Peek: Part 2

Friday, June 18, 2010

So I can't leave my boy's a few pictures from our Photo Shoot yesterday.
And can I just say?
Those of you who get amazing photos of your own kids I have so much respect for you. It's hard.
Really hard when they are your own. But there are a few that I really like.
And I could be a little bias but he is pretty cute. And sweet.

I feel really sentimental looking at these pictures.
Five years old...going to kindergarten in just a few short months. Wow.

I know I have touched on this briefly before, but we went through a lot to get pregnant with Wyatt.
A couple years of appointments, tests, procedures, surgery, stress, tears, the unknown, doctors, the money, insurance much.
 And just so this isn't getting too sappy.......

I wondered throughout my whole pregnancy if the baby was going to be Asian. Seriously.
I didn't obsess over it, but it was always in the back of my mind.
The day of the appointment when I "conceived" one little step was skipped. They would always have you sign this little thing before the know, so you would know whose DNA was going to end up in there (for lack of too much explaining) but that day they didn't have me check it and sign it.
She forgot.
I thought of it as soon as the procedure started...uh-oh...too late now.
On our way out an Asian couple was walking out too and I looked right at the man and thought....well, if this works I hope I'm not carrying your baby.

And I wasn't. But if I was, I couldn't have loved him any less.
Happy Friday to you, hope you have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Love those photos and the props are perfect!
    Love you story too...took us quite a while and lots of "stuff" for Riley too. Janey on the other month!!:) Go figure!:0
    Enjoy the day

  2. Ahhh, his eyes!
    And such a sweet smile--when the camera captures it;)
    Boys are hard to get sitting still. Heh heh.
    You did a wonderful job!

  3. your so funny. i love how honest you are. we're getting ready to start kinder over here, too and i'm kind of in disbelief about the whole thing.

  4. WOW - he is one handsome fella!
    My boys are rather uncooperative about letting Mom take their pictures - I actually still take them to a photographer and they are perfect angels. Go figure! I conceived both of mine through IVF and funny, my totally odd, completely irrational concern was that they were only going to have like 4 toes on one foot or something! I think because we used frozen embryos. But I seriously had nightmares :D

  5. Precious pictures! and I're hilarious :)

  6. Look at those eyes! Heartbreaker in the making.

    We are lucky. If The Mr. sneezes real hard I get knocked up. But I had a couple of miscarriages between The Girl and The Boy, one of which being twins.

    It's so hard...the whole baby-making thing. So much is out of our control. So much left up to faith.

    Your boy is perfect and proof of that faith. Even if he had been Asian.

  7. Wow..he is one handsome little guy! These are really beautiful portraits, I might need to try gumballs too! I love his birks.

  8. his eyes.are.STUNNING! just capturing those eyes alone is a success! beautiful.

  9. thanks everyone! : )

    and YES, gum balls! they did it for him for sure.
    he is only allowed gum on occasion, we never actually buy it so it was a big treat for him.

  10. These are great! Taking photos of kiddos can be super tough. With mine, the minute he notices the camera he wants it.

  11. awe, this is beautifully written for sure! and what a gorgeous fella!

  12. He's so adorable! I love the second one, where he is peeking out from behind the bucket-o-gum balls. So cute!

    And that's such a great story. You are hilarious!

    And I'm sure I'm late to be saying this, but I LOVE your new header!

  13. these are GREAT! I love the first one...his eyes are beautiful!


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