Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain:: Part 2

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can you stand a few more of these from last week?
I took a bunch of pictures that day and I can't have them just sitting on my computer,  right?
So here's the rest.
I mean, this is probably it.
Well, I probably will post a few photos of the real Soda Fountain that inspired this...but just a few.
I promise.

I have to say that I think my personal favorite of all of these pictures might be the one above. 
If you could really see the whole dress you would know that it is actually too small/short but I had to squeeze her into it one more time. This adorable swiss dot dress was made for Eric's mom, by his grandma over 60 years ago. I think it might just be the sweetest thing ever.

We survived our three parties and now I am looking forward to a  movie and pizza with Eric 
as soon as we get the kids to bed. 
We have been to three parties with three (yes, three!) bounce houses in the last 24 hours.
They have to be tired. Right?
 An early bedtime is in their very near future...pajamas and books, here we come!

Happy Saturday to you!


  1. I love the photos sweetie! Well done!

  2. Beautiful photos, I am lovin the vintage vibe!

  3. I completely agree with your favorite. And that dress and it's story is amazing.

  4. I agree...lovin the vintage look to your pictures!

  5. Oh, I am in LOVE with these photos!! All of them are just fantabulous! And the one that's your favorite is my favorite, too! How adorable is that dress and those shoes and that vintage soda bottle...and every little detail!!

    I am in blog eye candy heaven : )
    So lovely to meet you!

  6. The dress IS really really cute.
    Mmmm, soda. Made with cane sugar. Yum. :)

  7. I'm so glad you decided to share some more. These are great shots and I love them all!

  8. So, so, so very pretty! Glad y'all survived the party overload.

  9. Beautiful...every single one.
    I love your fav, but I think my fav might be the last one!
    Pizza and a movie with the hubby sounds divine...
    Enjoy the night

  10. Your pictures are simply gorgeous. My faves are definitely the one first one w/the Mary Janes and then your favorite too. I'm a sucker for feet pix!

    Great job!

  11. just love this set of photos. so sweet and beautiful

  12. These are so adorable! My favorite one is the last one of your daughter. I bought those same barretts for my granddaughter, Zoe, because my girls all had them when they were little! Such a sweet memory, and that dress is the Sweetest!!! :)


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