Thursday, August 19, 2010

These are not the greatest of pictures, artistically speaking, but they might be some of my
 all-time favorites of these two together.
Just being silly.
I just kept snapping pictures for about a minute and this is what I got.
These make me smile.

And how could you not just love these t-shirts?
I got them last year after Halloween for  just $1 each.
Love them.
Love the bargain even more.
My little cowboy and cowgirl.

I hope you have a Happy Thursday and I hope you get to 
do something that makes you smile today.


  1. I know what you mean by not the best shots in the world...but there is a familiar homeyness (is that a word) that is so lovely. The sunlight gives it a warm glow but their love...their joy...that's the real beauty.

  2. They're great photos! I love the floor shot one the best. What beautiful children you have :)

  3. They are wonderful photos and I can see why they are your favorites. It captures their personalities and joy and that specific moment in time. :) l love that! The shirts are adorable! Great score!

  4. Aww, how cute are they? I love these :)

  5. I love that they seem so happy together!!!! I am so envious of the sibling love going on. Mine will get there... someday!

  6. How can you not smile or laugh after viewing these?!!!!! :) Very sweet childhood days!
    Love it!!! Enjoy your precious little tator tots! :)

  7. They are adorable, love the tshirts what a bargin!

  8. I love those sibling moments.
    Sweet pictures, mama! You got yourself some cuties there;)

  9. Those are seriously fantastic T-shirts!

  10. I can hear the giggles from here!

    Very nice indeed.

  11. oh i LOVE them!!!!
    those pictures are priceless!

  12. Love these!
    Love Charlotte's classic..."hair swipe out of the face" shot. I see that so much around here.:)
    Enjoy the day

  13. How sweet! I can't look at these images without smiling. I love that you can feel the love these two have for each other. ♥


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