{State Fair}

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday starts the first full week of school for my kindergartener,
school begins again for Eric and he begins his internship this week so this really does
 feel kind of like the last weekend of Summer for us.
It has been a great Summer, it really has.
And the best way to spend the last weekend of the Summer?
The State Fair, baby.

Oh, how I do love a State Fair.
I like to go early, when it's not too crowded or later in the day when the sun goes down.
And it can't be 100* like it has been lately, it has to be just right.
Today it was.

We completely avoided the rides and carnival area today and I didn't feel bad at all
because we just took the kids to the one in town a few weeks ago.
Today was all about...
The Famous Butter Cow, The Agricultural Area, Conservation World and The Livestock Area.
We saw pigs,  cows,  horses, llamas,  goats and more.

The Highlight of the day?
I'm not gonna lie, it was totally the Mini Donuts.
And the lemon shake-up.
But really, it was the Donuts.
Hot, mini cinnamon and sugar donuts in a bag.

Wyatt got to shoot a bow & arrow for the first time, we saw part of a Horse Show and wandered into a Livestock Auction. The kids were very well behaved and didn't really complain at all. All day.
I mean really, all day. Amazing.
I think it would be fun to go on a good old-fashioned date to the State Fair, sans children.
Ride the rides (well, maybe not, the carnie rides do make me nervous), play a game or two, eat supper, listen to some music and stop by the Wine Tent.
We're so gonna have to do that next year.

We took Wyatt to the Fair when he was a baby but had not been back since with the kids.
Thee really is so much for the kids to do and see, without even venturing to the Carnival.
We saw fried pickles (what?), chocolate covered bacon and basically anything deep-fried you can imagine. I'm not sure if this is a  Mid-West thing or just a State Fair thing?  Kinda crazy.

It was a great day and I can't wait to take the kids back next year.
And I have to say, the State Fair is a photographer's dream, so much to see and photograph.
The rides, the colors, the lights, animals, the food and the signs.
I could have spent all day there taking pictures.

Before I go, I have to say...
Thank You so, so much for the kind words and comments yesterday!
Just writing that post made me feel a lot better, it really did.
And then reading the comments made me feel  even better.
And you know what they say; Misery Loves Company.
But seriously, thank you.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Oh wow, how fun! I haven't been there since I was a kid! I so need to take my kids there someday. I'm so glad you had fun. I totally agree and would love to have an old fashioned date at the local county fair or the state fair. It would be so nice to just take my time looking at exhibits that interest me. I know I say it all the time, but again, your photos are beautiful!

  2. i think it is a midwest thing to fry everything at the fair (i'm in iowa). i love all of your photos, especially the ones of the kids and skylift! we avoid the rides, too. glad you had fun.

  3. Our state fair isn't until October. I haven't been in a few years - last year we got married right during the State Fair. I can't wait to bring my camera though...these photos inspire me.

  4. Beautiful! :)
    The fairs I have been to in California are all about what new food product they can fry up!! You gotta love it!!! :)
    Looks like a fun-filled day!!!

  5. LOVE these photos. If you hadn't put the date on the first one I would have sworn it was from the 50's or so. I love the processing you do to your pictures.

    Chocolate covered bacon? My big ballerina would be the first in line. But...gross!

  6. Chocolate bacon!? You know in Scotland they eat deep fried battered pizzas and chocolate bars!
    It does look like fun!

  7. Wow, I took many of the same pix at the Wisconsin State Fair - but your processing is what makes these "WOW". Yep, we had chocolate covered bacon too : )

  8. Great photos-they have an old timey charm to them :)

  9. Oh, I love the fair, we're going next weekend- yay! Your photos are really great too. Love the first one...

  10. You better quit rubbing it in with the donuts! I don't know if I can wait another year for those things! :)

  11. You truly captured the essence of the fair -- I feel like I was there. Good luck with kindergarten tomorrow! You can do it!

  12. Beautiful!!
    We must make it there next year.
    Good luck today....

  13. the one of the two kids hugging. . .Priceless!

    We get to go to the fair next week and we also avoid the rides. Its all about the animals and the food!

  14. that looks so fun and i adore all of your shots. the colors are just dreamy.

  15. You captured the mood perfectly!

    Love state fairs. Love them.

  16. beautiful photographs! you have such a unique style! i love it!

  17. i love state fair photos! thanks for sharing yours. those cozy dogs look so happy together.


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