{The Golden Hour}

Monday, September 6, 2010

This is what gets me really excited, right here.
Capturing this beautifully gorgeous sunlight.
A perfect evening at the cabin, getting close to sunset.
Charlotte said she wanted to go pick flowers for
 her cousin right before dinner so
I grabbed my camera and we walked down the lane.
Perfect timing.


Here's the thing: I know that a real photographer would remove,
add and adjust all kinds of things with these pictures.
But I love the warm, glowing feel here and most of all I love how
 the light,  the way it really looked and felt right
 then shows up in the pictures.
I just totally dorked out about the sun and these pictures, didn't I?
I know. 
I really did.

One more day off. No school, no work.
Laying around in bed late, omelettes for breakfast, no plans for the day.
Now that's my kind of Holiday.
 What are you doing this weekend?
 I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and you get
to do something that makes you really happy.


  1. You did not dork out about the sun. I feel the same way! Maybe that is why I'm happy with being an amateur (constantly learning) photographer, too. As a matter of fact I planned on taking a family portrait (for the first time) of my own family in the golden hour. I really do love it that much! And yes... No work, no school (until Bean's first day tomorrow) and scrambled eggs served in bed. YUM! Life is good.

  2. be still my heart!!! These are incredible I am so so serious! You have really blossomed as a photographer!!! I'm so happy for you! These seriously gave me goosebumps! you have a real eye and passion for this... run with it... people would really love to have you capture their lives too... and you will be so happy! rewarding!

  3. Those photos are lovely, Amy...I really need to learn how to use my camera. Poor little thing, its ashamed to be seen with me. ;)

  4. Ooh! I like the one with her holding the bouquet! And the ones with her frolicking and the sun sending down a perfect sunshine curtain on her!

    That is my favorite time to take pictures. I love the sun. And clouds. And bugs.

    Acutally, if I could, I'd spend all day outside taking pictures. But, alas I have a family to care for...

  5. These photos are beautiful, Amy! They look professional enough to me. You have a great eye for capturing emotion...if that makes any sense.

  6. I love these photos just the way they are! Remember, you are the artist, not some other "real photographer." True artists don't create for other people. When that becomes their focus, they begin to have cookie cutter productions that no longer evoke emotions. Shoot for yourself, tell the story you want to tell, and you will inspire others just as you have here!

  7. GORGEOUS photos! The lighting is perfection and the fact that you DIDN'T do "all sorts of things to them" makes them even more impressive!

  8. The photos are STUNNING! The warmth of the sun just radiates through the pictures and you can't help but feel it. :) The ordinary moments like this are the most special. It sounds like a perfect holiday!

    We had a party at our friend's cabin in the woods on Saturday, I painted our run in shelter yesterday before we went to another party and we have nothing today! I'm thrilled! We are relaxing, enjoying the weather, getting stuff done outside and inside and just loving being home with no plans on leaving for the day.

  9. that light is absolutely beautiful!! such great pictures! and I don't know if one becomes a "real" photographer b/c they know how to adjust, add and remove things from pictures once they're taken, or if it has more to do w/ the eye that captures the original picture in the first place--in this case, I'd say these pictures were taken by a very real photographer

  10. hello pretty sunflare, how i love you. i want to learn how to capture that sunshiney goodness, but i think that means i need to start getting up a little earlier in order to make that happen. oh well, there's always tomorrow. :)

  11. Beautiful moments captured in a truly beautiful way. Everything just is right - be proud and enjoy your creations. Cherry XXX

  12. Psh, you didn't dork out with not fixing and adjusting a ton.
    It doesn't need it.
    It's like....raw beauty:)

  13. Stunning pictures! I love the colours, and the golden light I agree with everyone they don't need fixing or adjusting.

  14. Those are all BEAUTIFUL! I love that soft light... the haziness of it.

  15. Beautiful photos - I especially love the last one. I think I have to disagree with you too, a real photographer would not mess around with these photos, they would just enjoy them as you do and see as you do how wonderful they are with the oh so soft light. Lovely.

  16. Beautiful! The light is gorgeous! I love that light, too.

  17. These are beautiful.

    That golden glow is a treasure.

  18. No adjustment needed!! These are gorgeous..that light is not to be messed with!

  19. i am in photos heaven ...

    melissa xxx

    p.s thanks for stopping the procrastinating and writing a brilliant post!!

  20. oh that light is delicious! and your sweet girl in it? stunning.

  21. Amy, Your golden light is captured so amazingly in these beautiful photos!! Very, very lovely set of photos!!

  22. came across from the mortal muses flickr, what beautiful photographs you have on your blog, the light is absolutely stunning.


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