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Monday, October 11, 2010

Last night I stayed up late, wayyyy too late blog reading and TV watching and editing pictures. 
I was not tired and I knew there was nothing to get up for today so I stayed up.
I think it was 1:30 before I headed upstairs. 
Close the windows, turn out the globe light, charge my laptop, open the curtains and look out front...
then up I go.
Sometimes I love being up extra late, knowing that once I get upstairs 
everyone will be sound asleep.
Totally quiet.

On the landing I step on a Lego. 
But it's okay, it's the last Lego I will step on today anyway.
When I get upstairs I see the ceramic jack-o-lantern that belonged to my dad's mom and
 I leave it on because  I love the light glow it leaves in the hallway.
I check on the kids, both fast asleep.
Wyatt with his bear Petey and his Sponge Bob night light going, windows open.
Charlotte with too many dolls and stuffed animals to count.
In her doll bed next to her bed is her new Cinderella doll, covered up by a
 baby doll blanket her Granny made her for her Birthday. 

Everyone is tucked in.
Asleep now for hours.
One of my favorite times of the night is when they are sleeping soundly, perfectly 
quiet and I can sneak in and watch them for a minute or two.
I walk into my room, walk around to my side of the bed and see
 the rose Wyatt cut for me earlier today.
That afternoon he headed out the front door with scissors, came back with one
 perfect pink rose, went to the kitchen, got a tiny bottle and filled it with water. 
He took it upstairs and put it on my dresser.
When I told him thank you he said he had been 
"keeping his eye on that one and it was perfect now".
I moved it to my bedside table so I could smell it while I was in bed.

No sooner did I lay down and get comfortable then I heard Charlotte's door opening, 
she was headed to the bathroom.
I heard a little whimper from her and instead of cringing at the sound of her door, 
or even cussing under my breath, I got up and went to the bathroom.
My kids don't need me in the night anymore, we rarely hear from them,
and on this particular night I actually welcomed it.
Although, as it turns out, she really didn't need me
I picked her up and carried her back to bed, still half asleep anyway.

I got back in bed, windows open and a nice little breeze coming in...wide awake.
I thought about what a great weekend we had celebrating the kids' birthdays with family and friends, how my house still needed cleaned so badly
 and how I had a list a mile long of things I needed to do
 BUT what a lazy relaxing day it was at home with my family
 and how I just love days like that.

Then I thought of the news that a little girl, who just started kindergarten,
just like my little boy, had recently been diagnosed with Leukemia.
Excited to start kindergarten...and then that news.
How that mom is longing for days filled with the monotonous, 
often irritating,  everyday moments.
Where your biggest worry is your messy house, your laundry, your child waking you up
in the night to use the bathroom, finding Lego's all over the house, dishes and
 meals no one likes and breaking up countless fights.  

I laid there and said a silent thank you.
Thank you for letting me be the mother to these kids.
To see them sleeping peacefully, to have a house to close up at night, 
with a rose on my bedside table from my sweet, healthy little boy.
Thank you for the piles of laundry waiting for me, the calls I need to make begging
 for volunteers for the kindergarten tea party this week, 
for the 100 Lego's I will step on tomorrow.
For the good and the bad, I'll take all of it.
Unfortunately sometimes it does take another person's 
devastating news to remember just how lucky we really are
and how grateful I truly am for these everyday moments.

And now we're off to celebrate Eric's grandpa's 95th Birthday!
Linking up with Heather's Life Made Lovely today.
Because sometimes recognizing the loveliness is half the battle.



  1. what a good reminder. this was beautifully written.

  2. Wow... that just made me catch my breath... you're so right we really do take things for granted... my mum always tells me "you always want them to be making a mess and noisy... that means they're ok.." Thank you for your words... for making me take a step back... I really pray that that little girl makes a full recovery... I'll be thinking and praying for her and her loved ones... Lx

  3. Ug, you are so right. We all need those moments that make us slow down, hug them a little tighter and keep things in perspective. Your pictures are beautiful and so is your insight. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Aw, the perfect pink rose.

    Wonderfully written, Amy.

  5. Oh I needed that today...a day where everything was kind of "blah." Thank God for "blah" days with our kids <3

  6. so true. i'll take it all, the good and the bad...well said.

  7. Sometimes you need a "wake-up call" to put everything in perspective.

    A good reminder of what's truly important.

  8. absolutely beautiful. well said and very needed today where my house is messy beyond acceptable but my girls are beautiful and happy together.

  9. This was so very beautiful, Amy.
    (I was up at 1:30 this morning too, there was something in the air...)

  10. What a beautiful and oh so very true post Amy. The mother of my little girl's preschool class friend was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins. She has twin three year old boys and a five year old son as well. When she told me her news I could not take it in and as you say, it made me think also how very lucky I am.

    The photo of the setting son and grass stems is absolutely stunning.

  11. Thank you for this Amy.
    A good reminder for me...to stop...and breathe...and take it all in.
    We are truly blessed.
    Enjoy the night

  12. your so right, it's definitely half the battle.
    such a love post. enjoy your night!

  13. Gave me chills. Such truth to everything you said and so relatable. I loved stepping into your world for a brief time, and thank you for this special post.

  14. i am just going to send you the hugest hug of friendship i can fit through my laptop for this post....

    it is a huge wave of emotion that hits you as a parent, when you know another family is facing a situation that can only be deemed a *nightmare*.

    for a brief moment, that we would all love to last, we realise just how incredibly *blessed* we are....
    lego, roses, night lights, all of these things are heaven....

    melissa xox

  15. Hi Amy!
    Just popped over
    from M's blog....
    What a lovely treat
    this post was ~
    What a wonderful
    snapshot of time
    and a reminder to
    never take for
    granted the little
    moments that can,
    in the context of
    a lifetime, be so
    very fleeting.
    Happy Day,
    xx Suzanne

  16. Gorgeous photos and beautiful reflections, Amy! Our blessings are literally overwhelming when we think of them in context. It's wonderful that you can appreciate the Legos on the steps!

  17. OMG, Amy! Now I've cried ELEVEN times today. I am having a day that is making me feel the same way. So very grateful that my family is safe and healthy.

    What a beautiful post!

  18. Missed you at Tuesday's coffee today! Next week?

  19. I love this post - it really speaks to me. A friend told me she grew up in a really clean house, thanks to her mom, but never was played with by her. Her story has stuck with me - but it can be hard sometimes, can't it? Thank you for the reminder

    XO Laura (newest follower)


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