{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Tuesday morning. 
You know what that means.
Time for coffee.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning...

I would come in wearing a jacket, boots and a little scarf. Ahh... finally.
It's chilly this morning and I had to slip right into my robe and slippers when I got out of bed.
The coffee definitely tastes better on a chilly morning though, huh?

I would tell you that we have one Birthday down, one to go. Whew.
We are celebrating them right in the middle
 of W & C's birthdays, so their party will be this weekend.

I would tell you that I need to get a babysitter one day this week so I can get a few things done
without Charlotte. I can't do any kind of Birthday shopping for her while she is with me...
and she is always with me.

If we were really meeting for coffee today I would tell you that there was a children's-size
school library table delivered to my house yesterday. It is sitting in my living room
and right about now I am wondering what in the hell I was thinking.
I don't really even have a spot for it. 

I made these delicious pumpkin bars over the weekend when we celebrated my parent's Birthdays.
The recipe is easy and they were oh-so-good.  I really hate taking dessert to something when it is something I have never made before but they were a big hit.
A perfect Fall dessert. Yum.
I would consider them to be more cake-like as opposed to a bar...
but seriously delish.

I went to a new fabric store ever last week, it's about a 1/2 hour away from home and the cute-ness there was just ridiculous. It really made me wish that I knew how to make quilts
...and clothes...and so much more.

Thanks for joining me for coffee today.
Coffee is always better with the girls, huh?
Well, my girl and I have some errands to run today so we are heading out...
Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. there is that camera i love... makes me want to sing "daddy's takin' me to the zoo tomorrow!" i don't kow if that is a real song, or one we made up when we were little :) that fabric is super cute, and makes me want to go browse the aisles at joann's. being around bolts of fabric makes me want to create! your photos are so great, they really make me smile. birthdays, too. they make me smile. but i kow how you feel about having them all close together. our turn will start in december. {sigh} i'm going to go check out those pumpkin bars... i need a dessert to bring to choir tomorrow night!

    thank you again, for this fun spot to chat :)

  2. That camera is a blast from my past! I can even hear the clicks it makes!

  3. Great cup of coffee and some great photos. I love them! Good luck with the birthday party :D

  4. Oh-oh-oh. I love that fabric.
    And yes. Coffee does taste better on a really chilly morning... :)

  5. what were you thinking? i'm sure it was something like...this table is rad and must come live at my house. must see please!!

  6. Lovely photos - the one of the camera is lovely but the photo of the barn is my favorite, just fabulous.

    Good luck with the birthday party and shopping.

  7. I enjoyed our cup of coffee together...and the photos. :)

  8. I'm craving pumpkin, must hop over to the recipe (if only I had any real cooking skills)

  9. Happy coffee day! I'm actually on time this week . . . pumpkin bars . . . yum . . .

  10. Love the idea of a school library table! Lots of artsy, crafty fun.

  11. I love your photos! and I wish I knew how to make quilts too. I even bought a sewing machine for that very purpose...Thanks for hosting! What a great idea. :)

  12. We were in a yarn store today and it seriously made me want to learn how to knit - just like in your fabric store how you wanted to do fabric'ish things :) I wish I had my camera in the fabric store... the colors!

    I love that you opened up Virtual Coffee to a link up. Really :) I look forward to it every week, and love reading all the posts! Thank you!

  13. I feel the same way about sewing! I love fabric so much and I buy it all the time...but I'm not great about getting out my sewing machine. Oh well...one of these days, right?!

  14. That fabric is cuteness to the tenth power.

    I enjoy making quilts...and I've come to the realization that I don't enjoy sewing clothes. I like the idea of sewing clothes...and I like the end result...but the process isn't one of my favorite things to do. It's not relaxing.

  15. Oh that camera... i wish i had one like that when i was little... and i agree winter weather is really good.. all that mist and cloudy skies.. we are entering into autumn here... and soon the chilly winters... yay!

  16. I hear you on needing a babysitter to get gift shopping done. I lost out on a great price on a Life game b/c the ballerinas were in tow.

    And I am currently addicted to fabric. I go through stages. Right now it's a fabric stage. Am trying my hand at making little wallets and zipper pouches. We shall see...

    And, as always your pictures are simply gorgeous.

  17. I just found your blog through virtual coffee and I love it. I'm with you, coffee tastes so much better this time of year! And fall desserts are my favorite.

  18. oh those pumpkin bars make me wish I wasn't on a diet & that fabric makes me wish I had any idea what to do with fabric! LOL

  19. when you find a spot for your library table can you show us...it sounds delightful...thats why you bought it regardless of your space!

    love the fabric....

    gosh...i have just written my self a real life stick it on my office board note to *do* virtual coffee nest tues...

    melissa xxx


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