Baby Elise:: Part 1

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Last weekend I was lucky enough to photograph this sweet little baby girl. I was going to say she is my niece but she is actually my cousin's little girl but is more like a niece to me. Just twelve days old here, so tiny and perfect. Welcome to the world Baby Elise! This was my first time photographing a brand-new baby. The lighting was a little tough and Little Miss was hungry but I think we got some good pictures of her. Now if you don't already suffer from baby fever, prepare yourself...

The big kids were not too interested for too long because ummm...they're kids and this isn't real exciting. Once again, I think it's a god thing this is not  a job because there is still much for me to learn. Next time I would worry about photographing the whole family/other kids first and baby second. Also bringing along something special for the big kids would have been a good idea. Bribes can work wonders. Babies this little are pretty flexible (once they are fed and changed) and can be moved around pretty easily. It is all a learning process though and I am pretty happy with how these turned out. And really? It would be hard not to get a good picture of her.

Hope you all are having a great weekend. Hooray for Sundays and an upcoming 3-day week of school. Today we are celebrating my sister's Birthday with dinner at my parent's house. The kids are excited to play with their cousins and are busy making Birthday cards right now. There is much to be done around here today but first I am going to finish my coffee and waffles. Happy Sunday!


  1. Those are beautiful. Was a pretty baby!

  2. She is adorable. You took beautiful photos, can't believe it was your first time take baby pictures!!

  3. I am 'broody' again, if that is possible with an 11 month old and a 3 yr old. Stunning photos :)

  4. These are some of the best baby shots I have every seen - the perspective/compositions are wonderful. I have 6 children and one is named Elise. My youngest is almost 3... this definitely gets me to thinking...

  5. these are amazing...what a wonderful little girl....

  6. These pictures are great... and I love babies.. SO I guess this post was almost perfect for me!!! :)

  7. Oh blessed baby! I love how you captured the little fur on her skin! Beautiful! Makes me itch to take some picks of my sister's new twins!

  8. She is a sweetheart.

    I have been feeling the need for something tiny and sweet to hold and love.

    So today, we went to PetSmart and I held a kitten. Whew! Took care of that fever like Motrin.

  9. These are so gorgeous! Back when I was working in the JCPenny portrait studio, I'd get lots of newborns. It's tricky enough keeping the baby happy but having older kids, yes.. is very hard.. I can really relate.

    Love the light actually, very soft and I love natural light.

    So exciting. So great to see a brand new beautiful baby!

  10. Sigh.
    Happy sigh.
    Me and my younger sister just sighed and smiled and awwwed a ton.
    She's the sweetest!!!

  11. simply beautiful: the pics, the baby & the siblings. Great job, Amy! hugs,Cathy

  12. What an adorable Sweetie pie little Elise is! All of your photos are very beautiful!!!


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