On Assignment::

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just reading that title makes me feel kind of important.
Just a bit.
Like I have something new and exciting and grand and important going on in my life.
Is that what you thought, too?
Like a big photography assignment?
Yeah, well not really. 
Okay, not really at all.
The truth: my husband is on this committee
(historic architectural buildings and sites commission? something like that) 
and he does the newsletter for the committee and he needed some photos for the newsletter.
So he gave me an assignment.
There are about seven places to photograph; houses, churches,
a few old buildings and a cemetery.
So I started this morning with a drive through the cemetery.

Greenwood Cemetery
has been around since around the early 1840's. It's one of the oldest cemeteries
in the area and many believe it is haunted. 
I don't know about haunted but it is a very cool old cemetery. 
And you know,  I do kind of have a thing for cemeteries.
The history, the mausoleums, the statues, the names on the headstones,
all of it is so interesting to me.
Weird? Maybe a little.

You can read more of the history of this cemetery here.
It is pretty intriguing to me and whether you believe in it or not
it is still a big part of the history of the cemetery as well as this area in general.

This morning after dropping Wyatt off at school we picked up coffee and headed to the cemetery.
Charlotte is sick with the stomach flu for the first time ever.
Not fun.
My poor baby has had a rough last two days.
I knew today would be spent in the house-specifically on the couch,
watching movies and coloring so
this kept us out of the house for just a little bit  longer this morning.
And since I am not working out of the home it feels kind of good sometimes
  to feel likeI am doing a job. If that makes any sense.
Something to contribute to something, even if it is just a little newsletter.

Okay, back to the couch and my coffee and the coloring books
 and Lady & The Tramp.
Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. i love old cemetaries too!

    hope your little one feels better soon!

  2. great photos...
    i always find it so interesting and humbling to wander through these old cemeteries.

    i love that chippy old door~
    glad you gave us a close up.

    beautiful patina.

  3. LOVE the photos!!! He got the right person for the job :D

  4. Ooooh, that is one awesome cemetery!
    Ours (we have like, 2 in our little town) don't seem to be as ....well....cool.
    Granted, they don't have a building with a sweet door and amazing handles.
    They also don't have a mausoleum.
    Yes, dear, just what you're doing is a job!! Sometimes it's amazing. Totally. How much mothers do...

  5. I would love such an assignment! Love the photos.

  6. Old cemeteries are the best...not creepy in the least!
    Good for you Amy!
    Enjoy the day

  7. Ooh, your photos are fantastic. I love old cemeteries, too. My grandparents, and their ancestors are all in an old, historical cemetary. My grandma used to take me visiting there when I was a child, and tell me all kinds of interesting stories. I still like going there, but it's kind of in a rotten neighborhood now.

  8. what great feeling your photos have! i love that you get to do your rad job in fall! perfect timing. love your whole deal....and sorry about little Charlotte....my ella loves lady and the tramp too, well, she calls it "lady and the trampoline"

  9. I really like those pictures. I agree, there's something about cemeteries that I find very intriguing. I love to explore them--the older the better!

    And yes, having something to do that is outside of your normal job is always such a breath of fresh air!

  10. Very gothic. Very old world. Very fall and macabre.

    <--- very jealous of not being able to go on such an assignment. Or maybe I'll lurk around the sunken gardens of tyrone in a couple days and copy you. ha!

  11. These are beautiful, Amy! I have such a thing for old cemeteries! What a fun assignment from your hubs...I can't wait to see more!

  12. that is totally an assignment!!!

    gorgeous graveyard and photos...esp love the closeups....

    a sick day photographing a graveyard with mum...that is soo cool!!!

    melissa x

  13. girl you ooooze talent! these pics are incredible!! love that you have an assignment!! fun, fun, fun!! hugs, Cathy

  14. Wow this is a GORGEOUS cemetery! I am fascinated with them too, unfortunately there are not too many interesting ones I have come across in California. Very cool assignment, and you captured the location beautifully!!

  15. I dig old cemeteries as well. Not as much as my Pops who has a morbid fascination with tracking down historical figures' graves. People you have *never* heard of like old Texas Rangers and such.

    These pics are great and will look wonderful in the newsletter.

    I wish Charlotte a speedy recovery. I'd take almost anything over a stomach bug.


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