{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello there, Tuesday.
Hello everyone!
I am having coffee early because we are meeting friends later on this morning.
I got up early and tried to get a head start on a few things around here. It is a little bit easier 
with the time change, just a little. Okay, not really but I already walked, made my coffee
 and am having a little bit of quiet time to myself. I know the blissful quiet will be shattered
soon so I am taking full advantage of it while I can.

If we were really meeting for coffee I would tell you...
that the weather this week is gorgeous!
It's supposed to be 71* today.
Yesterday we were playing out back, barefoot, in the sand box and it is November. 
November 9th to be exact. 
We busted out the chalk, sat out on the patio,  watched the squirrels, 
raked up leaf piles and took a walk around the neighborhood.
I feel like a bit of a little old lady talking about the weather all the time but man,
 the weather can really make or my break your (my) day, huh? 

Over coffee I would ask you if you read this blog
If you don't already, you should check it out. Pure goodness. 
Her attitude, her pictures, her story and the way she tells it is just simply amazing. 
I always feel better after visiting her blog...seriously. Instant mood-lifter.

Is it too early to talk about Holiday plans? 
I mean, Thanksgiving is only a few short weeks away. Have you started (dare I say it?) 
 your Christmas shopping yet? Believe it or not, I bought my first gift at an antique store over the weekend. That is unlike me, I usually start much closer to the holidays although I fantasize every year about how I am going to do better, be more organized this year, etc. 
All just a pipe dream.

This Saturday we are taking the train to Chicago for our annual Christmas shopping trip.
 Me, my mom, niece, sister and a variety of cousins, aunts and uncles go on this trip every year.
It's so much fun and I look forward to it every year and really don't do much Christmas shopping at all. Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather in the Windy City!

This week is a 3-day school week and Mrs. Bramer is looking forward to the break.
 I am looking forward to lots of downtime at home with the kids and a break from my
transportation, lunch making and paper signing duties.
 If only for two days.
It's funny how before Wyatt started school I fantasized about  separating the kids
for a whole day and now that he is in school I cannot wait for just the opposite. 

Thanks for joining me this morning for coffee. 
I hope to get around to all the other coffee posts tonight!
Tomorrow is 10 on 10.
So charge those camera batteries tonight and make a date with
 your camera for tomorrow.

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  1. i read kelles blog and i am amazed by her attitude that is just sparkling!
    have a great shooping trip and thanks for coffee!

  2. Your weather sounds wonderful! I couldn't make the coffee date this morning but plan on coming back for 10 on 10!!

  3. G'day~I enjoyed my visit & Coffee with you today.I am off to do a lil Christmas shopping today myelf, though I am keeping it simple this year.Enjoy your day! ~Cheers Kim

  4. The weather makes or breaks my day too! Its finally feeling like fall around here, and I couldn't be more thrilled!! :)

  5. Oh i love the pictures
    you are such an inspiration.

  6. 71!!!! <--- jealous. We're in the 60's but I'll take it. It makes or breaks my day, too.

    10 on 10 baby, can't wait.

    We wait to the last minute to shop. I share the same pipe dream as you.

    Also... you guys still have a lot of leaves on your trees. Due to those tornado winds in October all of our branches are bare. I'm sad by this fact. I love autumn. It is such a very short season though.


  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love the colors in the photos. I am not very good at antique store shopping, but wish I was! I need someone to show me how :)

    I prefer to shop early for presents, but usually wait until the last minute. Going to try to aim for early this year, but we will see!! I want to try and make a lot of gifts this year...photo gifts, baked goods, etc. We have had nice weather out here too!

  8. Great cup of coffee - I love this weather too! Mmmmmm. I want it to stay this way forever. Good luck on Saturday... they are calling for rain - boooo!

  9. Have fun on the shopping trip!! Sounds like a great time :)
    And send some of that weather this way... it's cold, rainy, windy and in the 40's today... blech!

  10. My gosh, that lady's blog is awesome.
    And 8000 follower? How ever does one manage it? LOL

  11. Oh I am so with you on the weather. . .all the more enjoyable because it is so unexpected!

    We had a short week of school a couple of weeks ago and it was so refreshing! gotta love those four day weekends! Enjoy yours!

  12. Headed over to Kelle's blog now, can't wait to see it.

  13. the weather finally feels fall like here. hooray!
    so glad you guys have been enjoying your warm spell and will get a few days to hang at home together.

    thanks for reminding me about 10 on 10. i've got to do it this month!

  14. I'm in need of a 3 day week. My Thanksgiving countdown is on.


    Have fun shopping!

  15. I am jealous of your weather and chalk playing! so much fun!

    this is my first virtual coffee ... really enjoyed it!

  16. So I joined in today and obviously messed up and uploaded to many thumbnails. Maybe I need an extra shot of espresso.

    This is fun!

  17. Hey Amy,

    I came here via Kate's blog, and loved it!! I have always loved to see pics and try to understand the culture in other parts of the world, and your blog is so perfect for that!! :)

    Will be around for more. :)

  18. Glad you get to be with the kiddos & then head to Chi-town!! What a blast!! I am sure you will snap some very cool photos for your faithful readers!! I also read Kelle's blog. hugs, Cathy

  19. Shorts and bare feet in November? Love it! We've had warm weather too, but not that warm. But still, I'm totally not complaining.

  20. We have had an Indian Summer as well.....it was in the mid 70's the past few days here in the Heartland. Hasn't it been wonderful? We had a cold front move in today, so I wonder if winter is on it's way now? I'm new to finding your blog and {Virtual} Coffee and I am really enjoying visiting the wonderful ladies who are sharing here. I'm not finished yet and looking forward to reading them all! I am late at posting my share. I really struggled with wether or not to share this week....kind of a deep first time coffee with new friends, but I decided to anyway. It's life and it's not always rosy, right? :-) Thanks so much for hosting such a wonderful link party. And, I look forward in participating in your 10 on 10 as well! Take care :-)

  21. i have been missing tuesday coffee with you! my goal is to not miss it next week :) so glad you are out enjoying your last(eek!)bits of nice weather! ours is just settling in, and so we are also out, enjoying it as much as possible!
    and as for kelle's blog... i try to click over there often. (she is actually a friend of a friend and i often see her out & about!) and the buddy walk? we were there too!!
    see you next week!!!


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