{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good morning.
It's that time again. And it is the first Virtual Coffee of  the new year. 
Of  2011. That still seems kinda crazy to me...2011.
Oh---but first off,  I want to apologize for totally forgetting about coffee last week.
It was kinda like your flaky, real-life friend that no-shows on you when you
 have a coffee date, huh? Sorry about that one.

So if we were really meeting for coffee today...

I would tell you that I am kind of glad that the holidays and all of the festivities are over and things have quieted down now. I know I said before that I felt a little down when they are all over, and I did briefly, but it is so nice to not be super-busy now. And the house is back to normal, toys are put away
 and things aren't as chaotic around here. I am by no means a neat freak but man, all of that 
STUFF out and around really gets to me after a while. That physical clutter quickly leads
 to  too much mental clutter for this mama.

We are still on Christmas break here and we are all loving it. School does not start back until January 10.
 Yay! So we have the rest of this week just to hang out and do whatever we want....and let me tell ya, there is not much planned at all. Eric did go back to work yesterday and we are missing him though.
It was so nice for him to be home with us for so long.
Well, at least one more week free of school drop-off/pick-up, making lunches and getting up early.
So bring on the army men, paper airplanes, cookie baking, staying in our pajamas, princesses,
paper and crayons. We are taking full advantage of this week.

If we were really meeting for coffee today I would tell you that I went back to my favorite old, creepy cemetery over the weekend to try out my new lens. I haven't used it much yet because of the weather, we are inside so much in the Winter and I just haven't had much opportunity. Oh, but I can't wait for nice, warm weather when we are outside again all the time...something else to really look forward to.

If we were really meeting for coffee today I would tell you that we are having my two little
nieces spend the night tonight. The kids are so excited and are already planning the snacks, movies, where the blow-up bed will go and what I will be fixing for breakfast the next day. So today we are heading down to our little popcorn shop to get popcorn and treats for tonight.
Ahhh...I do love Christmas break.

Well, thanks for joining me for coffee this morning.
This link is open for a week and everyone is welcome to link up. Please do!
 I look forward to catching up with you all this week. Happy Tuesday Y'all.


  1. Well Amy, I was a little surprised that you stood us up last week but it was easy to confuse the days, personally I forgot it was Wednesday. On Wednesday, that is. Things are slowly getting back to normal but I feel drunk over all the sleep I've had.

  2. This is such a neat idea! I LOVE it!! <3 <3 Found you from Joelle @ Love is Home. Yay for staying home one more week! Have fun tonight with the sleep-over. :)

    New follower!

  3. ah, yes, we're still coasting after the past few weeks of fun, busyness, and interesting stuff!!

    you just reminded me...i should go brew more coffee.....

  4. I know what you mean about the mess. It's so nice when everything is put away again. I love returning to a normal schedule too, there's something comforting about it. Thanks for hosting coffee today!

  5. you are so lucky to have another week off. . .we could have used at least a couple of more days. Now, we have a long, long stretch until Spring Break. . .hoping for some snow days!

  6. i'm so jealous...january 10. i'm enjoying my last day of freedom today.

  7. hello lovely!!
    yep i hear you...tree away!!
    vacumn out!!
    some sort of normality?!?!?!

    happy new year honey & lovely to be back for coffee with you...

    melissa xxxx

  8. ahh the calico critters. i think my little bunny owns that same little bunny :) so sweet. i'll link up for coffee (well, tea) one of these days!

  9. Wow I am so jealous of your continued xmas break! mostly because I love to sleep in, and now I can't! MY clutter is still out ...maybe tomorrow I will finally have the time and energy to dismantle and organize. :)

  10. January 10th!!!!????!!!

    I'd tell you I'm jealous. I started back today.

    Have fun. Savor it.

  11. I love Christmas, but I'm always so glad when it's over. Normal is so nice sometimes. Enjoy your Christmas holiday!!

  12. your coffee looks so yummy! we started back to school yesterday. i thought i'd be sad, but i kinda wasn't. ;)

  13. Gosh I always loved that week before school started back up. So much fun...

  14. What a very cute idea! Love your blog-
    sandy toe

  15. oh, i just so hear you on the no-school-wake-up-late-no-lunches-to-make-play-together wonderfulness of Christmas break! alas, my boys were off to school on monday... and i am back to my routine. enjoy each moment!
    and i also am a saner mother with things in their places :) that's just such a mom-thing!


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