{Afternoon In The Kitchen}

Monday, March 14, 2011

 I couldn't think of a lovelier way to spend my afternoon today than in the kitchen making
 my grandma's oatmeal butterscotch cookies for Eric. Oh, and the kids.
While listening to James Carr.
And wearing a cute apron.

I love baking and listening to Pandora radio in the kitchen.
That's what I was doing today when I realized I was wearing an apron and baking cookies and
watching the clock so I wouldn't be late for school pick up and that I have
 a PTO meeting to go to tonight at school.
And all of the sudden it hit me...
I am the mom.
How in the hell did that happen, anyway?

Ever have one of those moments?
Kinda crazy.
Hope you all had a great Monday.
Be sure to join me here tomorrow for Virtual Coffee.


* If anyone is interested in the full recipe let me know and I will post it!


  1. Looks like such a yummy recipe! Great photos to go with the process =) xo

  2. I have those days occasionally. The ones where I sit around hustling and bustling all the time - then slow down for a second, only to realize that, "I am a mom." Wow. Yep. I know how you feel today. Ha ha! :)

  3. seriously.
    how, in world, am i big enough to have this place in a family...with real needs and kids and a home and a husband?
    it's a great question.

    i am hungry for a cookie right. now.

  4. I listen to a patsy cline station on pandora while I cook or bake...and I have many of those moments where all the responsibilty hits you at once...overwhelming right?

  5. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Those look yummy. :-) I really like the pair of photos with the cookie and milk too.
    Happy Monday!

  6. Those cookies look divine. I havent' had butterscotch chips in forever, I love those!

  7. I love coming on here and finding that someone else out there enjoys the same things I do. baking + pandora + my cute anthropologie apron ( + cooperative toddler, of course) totally = heavenly afternoon.

  8. I'm flippin hungry now, thanks. ;)


  9. It's funny, I'm not a mom but I certainly have those "I'm a housewife" moments, like getting a food processor for valentines day...and loving it :) LOVE your blog, see you tomorrow!

  10. Um...yes. Every once in a while I realize that not only am I the mom (which is mind blowing on its own) but that i'm a grown up too. Weird.

  11. yes, I have those moments too... everyday! ha! cute apron!

  12. mmmm, those little scrumptious chips! have fun at the pta meeting...

  13. Delish! And not too naughty, right?!

    I love your apron. What beautiful fabrics. x

  14. You perfectly described one of my favorite moments. I just love baking, enjoying the creating and eating of such yummy treats. And when I can convince my son to help me {there must be M&Ms involved}, it's just that much sweeter.

  15. Haha, oh, I so know how you feel. This happens to me regularly. I know that a couple of weeks ago my sister in law, who is wanting to have a baby, asked me all kinds of questions about how to be a mother. I looked at her, laughed and told her that I would love to help her with everything I can, but that in truth I am just someone figuring out things along the way. And that I think that's what motherhood is like for almost everyone. I think she was shocked. And at the same time I was shocked too. She thought I was the one with the answers. Me! While I still feel like a little girl playing house, faking to be a grown-up :-D

  16. Those sound amazing! I may just have to make those this weekend!

  17. YUM - oh yes, and don't you love that apron? I got the same one for my b-day last year! :-) too cute!

  18. Love the colors on your apron! Oatmeal cookies have always been a favorite of mine. I need to quite being lazy when I get home from work and bake some deliciousness of my own! ;)


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