And If The Devil Doesn't Like It...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Untitled from Amy Bramer on Vimeo.

That song has been in my head all week, courtesy of Vacation Bible School.
Do you know this one?
The first year Wyatt went to VBS and came  home singing this song I was a little surprised/disturbed,
that's a verse we didn't learn back in the day. But it makes me laugh every time I hear them sing it.

The other night the kids got in trouble for fighting (hitting) so I made them sing this song and let me record it. They didn't want to do it but as you can see, they got over that quickly.
  Charlotte thought it was the perfect chance to show off her mad ballet skillz and Wyatt is
 relishing in his brief opportunity to be a comedian on film.
  And me? Oh Lord. I almost didn't post the video for the sole
 reason that I cannot stand to hear my voice on video. I look and sound like such a dork.
Wait--do I sound like that much of a hick in real life?! Sadly, I think I do.
First they had to go to their rooms and think about why they were hitting each other, then the video.
Neither tactic seemed to be real effective on this particular night though, so much for punishments.

I have to say, I have very much enjoyed my 2 1/2 hours to myself each day this week, 
I'm not gonna lie.
I have ran errands solo, browsed the shelves of the library while actually able to concentrate and
look for books without hushing kids. I went to Target and looked around, no hurrying,
 looked at bras and shoes and just took my time. It was nice for a change.
I got myself a mocha Frappucinno, ran my errands and then drove around taking
pictures and enjoying the quiet for just a while.

The truth of the matter is (and no eye-rolling, please) as much as I love the little break
I have been given this week, I am not ready for it full-time, or even part-time really.
It's one of those grass is always greener things I guess....the breaks are great and yes I want them
and need them for my sanity but I don't really want this time to be coming already, ya know?
 Small breaks here and there? Yes, please.
But my baby in preschool in just a couple short months? Ouch.

This week has been so hot, like 98* and up a few days.
We have spent a lot of time here at home this week in our little pool and sprinkler and
 we are hoping and praying that the cicadas move on out of here so my parent's can get their
pool up and running. Have you been invaded by the disgusting
 13-year cicadas like we have here in Illinois right now?
Oh man, they are bad. Loud and gross and everywhere. I wouldn't say they are that bad at
 my house but across town at my parent's they are horrible.
Like you cannot walk outside without being bombarded by nasty. 

Heyyyyyyy, it's Friday! Looking so forward to the weekend, it's supposed to be in the 70's.
Now I need to pick up the house, do dishes and get back to my Ten on Ten though.
Have a wonderful day everyone!
And remember....
"If the Devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack...ouch!...sit on a tack....."


  1. I remember just having cicadas here in IL in 2007, so why are they back again? I saw them at the zoo, super bad! I live in Plainfield and since we barely have any trees, no cicadas here! where are you located again?!

    you sound great on video, love your voice! you don't sound like a hick, get over that quickly!
    cute kiddos!

  2. Oh my gosh -that is so cute!!! And you absolutely do NOT sound like a hick. I am glad you posted the video - it made my morning!

    I am loving your around the town shots. PS - I am freaked out about sending my wee one to preschool next year too. It is going to be a huge adjustment. But I think it will be good for all of us, in my house at least.

    PSS - we don't have the nasty cicadas here. They struck like 3 or 4 years ago in these parts.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous, as always!
    Can't wait to see your 10 on 10!

  4. girl i always love looking at your photos...they make me happy! i hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Yes, the cicadas are here too! I was just taking a picture of one this morning. Cute video...and coming from someone in SC-you do not sound like a hick. ;)

  6. Haha we sing that song at my church camp all the time :) Love the video! Have a great Friday!!

  7. all those familiar sights...ahhhh home. love coming here. my mom told me about the cicadas. i remember them. totally deafening! luckily we don't have them...thank heavens. i like hearing the birds chirp.

    oh and you will have grace for those babes being gone when the time comes. i promise you it will be wonderful. don't stress about it now.

  8. wow, i didn't think i knew that verse either until i heard it! i DID sing that back in the day in waaay back in the day. funny. and whatever! you neither look or sound weird or lame or hickish AT ALL. stop it. i think you are so cute, and have a really beautiful smile.

  9. as an aussie in england- with kids that have a totally mixed accent....i LOVE your voice!!!


    melissa xx

  10. Loved the video, very cute and you honestly sound fine, don't worry. Your photos are amazing as always, I love the one of the ivy growing up the wall and of the clock, lovely : ) xxx

  11. I am a PK. Yes, I know that song well, complete with the movements that accompany it.

    That's called weekly Bible Hour and Sunday School growing up.

    Love these pics, of course. I want to visit your town one day.


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