Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So if you asked my kids last Wednesday, we spent a few hours at "The Beach".
If you asked me, I might have said we spent a few hours on the little 20 x 20 plot of sand down 
by the lake. To me: a little sand, to them: a real beach. I guess it's all how you look at it and I often
 find that I like the way they look at things a lot better than the way I sometimes do.
This is the part of parenting that I love; 
The kids, easily entertained, happy just playing in the sand...digging, making sand castles,
 not fighting, exploring, happy just to be. Did I mention not fighting?

I am not the mom that cares about how messy, dirty or even filthy the kids get.  
If they are having fun and again, not fighting, they can get as dirty as they want. 
Sand in their hair, in my hair, and on every single thing we brought? Go ahead. 
Clothes get too wet or muddy and I didn't bring a change of clothes? 
That's okay, they can ride home in their underwear.
You won't be able to ride around in your underwear forever, right?
I guess they might as well do it while they can.

Mount Rushmore shirts courtesy of my mom and dad who just visited there last week.
Wyatt's says: World's Greatest Rock Group. 
Love it. 

The whole day it looked like the sky would open up and it would start pouring any minute.
 Fortunately, it waited until we were ready to leave. 
On our way home I decided we would stop at a thrift store real quick. 
Guess what I found? An old-school Fisher Price school bus and a box of Shrinky Dinks!
Shrinky Dinks. Remember those? 
So we went home, made some popcorn and made our Shrinky Dinks.
A good day was had by all.
 Imagine how much fun the kids are gonna have when we go to the real beach next
 week--and by beach I mean a beach at another lake out of town not like a real beach on the ocean that involves a vacations... sigh. Oh well.
Happy, happy middle-of-the-week to you!


  1. These pictures capture the day beautifully - especially blessed NOT FIGHTING bit. I so get that!!

    My sister calls a little spot near her place 'the creek' and we call it 'the lagoon'... x

  2. OK!!!!
    i WANT those tee shirts!!
    blimey - they are soo cool!!!!!

    yep- parent the same...if you want clean, tidy, bored kids don't take them outside to muck around in life...

    kids love to ride home in their knickers...although big HS gal would kick me for saying that!! tee hee!!

    hugs to you- send me an email when you get a mo-love to do next week...

    melissa xx

  3. Looks blissful! Beach, lake, what's the difference!

  4. we are pro-riding home in undies!! yeah, illinois and iowa will never have a "real" beach :) but we have good imaginations. i can't wait to see the fisher price school bus -- i love seeing your new toys!

  5. Even I ride home in my undies sometimes ;)

  6. goodness amy it's so fun coming here. you are a better mom than me girlie with the mess aspect. i don't know if i'd stick my toe in lake decatur, but it really is pretty. that old building brought me right there! and i remember shrinky dinks like yesterday. you totally scored:)

  7. What a beautiful perspective - I'll have to remember those words of wisdom when I'm a parent.

  8. i'm so with you on the mess thing! everything washes, and underwear are perfectly acceptable to ride home in :) love the mt. rushmore t's...that's my territory! beautiful day you had, what a great mama you are!

  9. its amazing how sand and water can put the crankiest of children in good spirits!!
    glad you had fun!!

  10. Shrinky Dinks??? Swoon...sounds like perfection.

  11. I agree with the riding around in your underwear sentiment.

    There are times that I miss those days.

  12. I've been out of blogging for awhile, and it was good to check back in with your blog. I still love the way you tell a story with your photos. ~ I hope to get back to blogging this week. . .


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