Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh, Indian Summer.
Can you stay forever...please?
This is where I had my coffee this morning, on the front porch.
Our street is covered with leaves and every time you look out a window,
it looks as if it is snowing leaves.
And I just keep saying in my head; slow down.
I want this season to last a bit longer, I am not ready for the trees to be empty of their leaves just yet.
Slow down.

Yesterday we tried catching leaves in the kid's butterfly nets...and we did, it worked.
It was kind of hard though.
Charlotte loves finding the prettiest ones and wants to save them all.
We have some in a big, heavy book right now being pressed.
Then we are going to try to thread them into a little garland and hang them across the fireplace.

Everything is yellow and orange and brown.
The light is beyond beautiful.
I think that this just has to be one of the prettiest Fall's we have had for quite a while.

A little jar of flowers out on the back patio table from the kids.
I hope they never stop picking me flowers (or weeds).
They better not.
This mama never gets tired of flowers--or weeds.

Last night was Eric's late night home so before it got too dark the three of us played frisbee out
 front then after it was dark the kids got on their pajamas and we read books out on the
 front porch under a blanket. Wyatt is reading to us now...some days I feel like I need to savor
 all of these little moments with the kids before they change....grow up on me....
 and get too old for books on the porch under blankets.

Tomorrow my baby turns five.
 I have had to deal with Birthdays #7 and #5 all within ten days of each other, they
 both feel like big Birthdays to me....sigh.
We will be celebrating with a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and lunch at Panera with my sister.
Nope, no McDonald's for my girl, just a cinnamon crunch bagel with toasted hazelnut
 cream cheese for her Birthday lunch. Too funny.

Have a great day, or evening...
or whatever time it is where you are right now.
Tonight is dinner after the kids go to bed and Survivor date night for us.
Yep, date night right here in the living room...gotta take what ya can get.


  1. sometimes living room date nights are the very best! Love your fall, it hasn't really started here yet this year... very, very strange, I just hope we don't transition directly to snow!

  2. where to start? your writing is lovely it really is. it is like sitting here talking to a friend. i.love.it! and then there are you amazing photos. sigh. what a beautiful post this was today!

  3. these are all lovely photos and you tell such sweet stories and really draw me in!

  4. i'm envious of your falling leaves. so pretty. i have your same blue glasses too! and hey stop it - no one is ever too old for reading under blankets. ever.

  5. Wonderful post, Thanks Amy xxx

  6. i'm wanting to come stay a few weeks at yours with your girl collecting leaves and reading under blankets...

    i know i keep threatening- but one day , my lovely friend, you are gonna open up that door and i'll be standing there- Ritchie and kiddos in tow carrying jars and books and my camera- and you will have to make me learn those songs your kids sing in their voices that i love....

    adore these pickies-every one of them made me smile!

    it's good to be back!

    melissa xx

  7. PS- loving the new header!
    we have a thing for ferris wheels don't we- must go take some more up the coast- remember when i was wanting to steal english deck chairs at the same time near the pier...
    think they are packed up now but i'm going back for a morning of photos...xx

  8. the leaves are just now starting to turn. love fall. looking forward to the blanket of color. your pics are so pretty amy. you should open an etsy store. you know that right?! oh and watermark! you are a true photographer. have a great day girlie. my mom and dad are coming today from DECATUR! can't wait to hug their necks.

  9. beautiful pics, amy :) you know how to capture a moment! love the fall pics you got

  10. These pictures are STUNNING!
    And Happy Birthday to your girl!!

  11. Wonderful snapshots. I love the color combinations, and how you made them flow even into your final shot. And Im positively green over that porch of yours with big pillars! Have a lovely weekend.


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