Real Life

Thursday, October 20, 2011

:: yesterday ::
 our walk around the neighborhood after school

I've decided to try and capture my surroundings in a different way this week
not just the cute stuff but our everyday activities
 of course i want to record the cute stuff, the fun stuff, the pretty things...
but i want to record the everyday moments that are what our little
 life is really all about, too
not just doing fun things, hair fixed, faces clean in cute clothes...
but the random, every day, real life moments
because this is why i blog
to record our lives and our days...our little big moments

Like the fact that Charlotte does this every single time we pass this light post,
she hides behind it and thinks we/I don't see her... even though she does it every time.
I love that. Or the fact that Wyatt hooks Phoebe's leash to his belt loop so she doesn't
 get away from him. And how if he's not wearing jeans he runs to change before
 we go for a walk so he can walk her.

Happy Thursday everyone.
Tonight is our Parent-Teacher conference so no school tomorrow. 
My favorite way to start the weekend, no school and a long weekend!
Hope you have a great day.


  1. I love the real and the everyday. It is just as beautiful as the staged pictures, the special moments. Maybe more beautiful.

  2. these are the types of photos I try to take daily! usually end up snapping them with my iphone lately though! I need to fix that. I wish we would see the sun SOON though! Haven't seen it for a few days! rainy grey! ick!
    love love love all of these pix!

  3. gorgeous, amy. simply beautiful. :)

  4. What a gorgeous place to walk. We are seeing very few signs of Fall yet (Im in Texas) so I am truly living through your snapshots right now!

  5. Look at all of those leaves! And cute Phoebe. And your darling kiddos. And some lovely sunshine. That IS real like. :) What a great post. Made me smile.

  6. Your children and grand children are going to appreciate all the pictures and documentation some day. These were lovely.

  7. yes!
    love this post!
    this is the kind of thing that really inspires others.
    i am sure i have little moments and details like this too and i am inspired to look for them today...because of you.

  8. love these everyday moments.
    our days are filled with them and we think we will alwasy remember every detail, but sadly we don't!:(
    that's why i blog too:)
    have a happy day amy

  9. What a pretty real life-life post! I love all those fall trees. Such a wonderful setting for a walk.

  10. I'm lovin' your post and the pictures. You've inspired me to get my camera out and shoot, shoot, shoot!

  11. Very special capture of an every day extraordinary walk...

    I can't believe your kids get the day off after Parent-Teacher conference. No facing the music!?! x

  12. This post and these pictures warm my heart and soul. I bet out of all the pictures we take of our kids, the ones like that pic of Charlotte hiding are going to be those they treasure most b/c of the memory it will stir.

    Beautiful post and pictures!

  13. i can't get over the pic of charlotte behind the light post. i love that you captured that habit of hers, and wyatts with the dog leash. you are so amazing at SEEING the touching details. the street, and the leaves and all of it are so beautiful. ok, catching up around here... :)


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