{Virtual Coffee} and A Hillbilly Latte How-To

Monday, October 24, 2011

Good morning, friends.
Yes, you are in the right place, it just looks a little different right now.
I am working on my little blog, I get tired of how it looks all the time 
 so just ignore the mess while it is under construction this week.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning....

Okay, as promised, my Hillbilly Latte how-to.
I realize you could probably figure this out on your own, it's not that complicated or 
high-tech, hence the whole "Hillbilly" thing. But, it works, it is yummy and...yeah, it works.
FYI: a couple of months ago the steamer on my espresso machine broke so
 this is how I am currently making my lattes.
I am still waiting for someone (anyone? anyone?) to ask me to review a
fancy new espresso machine...but until then,  this is it.

Step 1::
Make espresso as usual-excuse the counter but this is what it looks like in the morning,
this is real life, folks

Step 2:: 
Heat milk (skim for me) in coffee cup in microwave, approx. 2 minutes

Step 3::
Add espresso to coffee cup of milk after it is heated

Step 4::
Pour a little (I just guess) milk in a jar, screw lid on and shake vigorously, approx 1 1/2  mins.

 Step 5 ::
Unscrew lid, scoop frothy milk out with a spoon, just off of the top though--
you want the thickest, frothiest stuff
Do not pour it, scoop it

Step 6::
Add lots of cinnamon or sugar/cinnamon mixture

Wouldn't ya know it that this time my froth didn't turn out as good as usual?
Oh well, you get the idea.


have you seen this cool magazine, mollie makes? my super cool friend,
shauna (& the reed family) are all in there... go check it out!

How was your weekend?  Relaxed? Busy?
We had kind of a busy, but fun weekend.
I bird-watched in the country, read magazines, walked through the woods,
visited with family we don't see very often,  stopped at a favorite antique/junk store,
iced a whole bunch of sugar cookies....yeah, kinda busy.

Yesterday Miss Charlotte and I made this little cupcake liner garland to hang in the kitchen.
We picked all Halloween colors and I resisted taking over the project and let her do it
 the way she wanted to do it. Ummm...sometimes that's really hard for me.
Especially when it comes to something crafty that I want to turn out a certain way.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would ask if you are ready fro Halloween?
Do you have plans? Parties? School stuff? Costumes ready?
Do you dress up?
Charlotte is having a little dress-up parade/party Thursday so I still need to find some
Indian jewelry for her and I have to help at Wyatt's party Friday afternoon because ya know,
somehow Mrs. Bramer ended up being the Room Parent this year....zoinks.

This is how the sky looked out my bedroom window last night....not the best shot
(through some super dirty glass) but it was beautiful...pink, orange, yellow, blue.
Ahhhh...one day I will live in a house that faces west so I can see this all the time.
One day.
So, tell me what is going on with you today...I am done talking, ready to listen.
Thanks for stopping by and having coffee with me this morning.
Hope you have a great day!


  1. I so want to make that coffee! Thanks for sharing the recipe! That garland is sooo adorable! Thanks for Coffee!

  2. I don't think I'll ever be ready for Halloween again. Both of my girls birthdays are this month and those seems to take precedence.

    Halloween used to be a big deal for us as my mister and I met on that very night in 1998 but now not so much.I'm sure we'll pull some costumes together (hand-me-downs for the younger 2)this weekend.

  3. Hello Amy, I wish you the best.

  4. It had never occurred to me to just put hot milk in a jar and shake it to make it frothy, you are so inventive!!

  5. lovely post Amy! Your hillbilly latte is so do-able...I am on it! Thank you! These photographs are dreamy as usual!

  6. Oooh I like your method of making lattes! The whole frothing thing was always beyond my capability. But give it a shake for awhile? I think even I should be able to handle that!

    I can totally understand how hard it is to let go of project ownership! The garland does look cute though. :)

  7. Oh - forgot to say! I totally love your new design! The photo in the header is just gorgeous!

  8. Oh I am sooo going to do that with my coffee...I don't have an espresso maker (boooo...maybe someday), but maybe I can just make really strong coffee someday and try it out!! So clever :) I love that cupcake wrapper garland!

  9. I always like a little real life with my coffee so I don't mind a messy kitchen counter or a sticky chair. I guess how you froth your coffee is the original way it was done - before electricity. I laughed at you struggling to not finish off Charlotte's craft, I do the same thing with my son's math homework. I just want to grab the pencil and finish it. Thanks for the brew.

  10. Our expresso machine kicked the bucket about two years ago. I never used it....but hubs did. I'm going to try your "hillbilly" latte recipe. I usually use a milk frother/whipper contraption I bought at IKEA for 2$, but it decided to quit working. =( I loooove the cupcake wrapper garland. So cute! Hope you have a great week. Thanks for coffee.

  11. What an easy way to add froth to your coffee I will have to try this!

  12. OMG, I am so getting me a jar! Thanks for sharing.

  13. ok, so when can we get together for REAL coffee!? :) thanks so much for the how-to girlie! sounds amazing! can't wait to see your new design and your pics are amazing as always!!!
    blessings to you!

  14. it's hard for me to let go of projects too. now at least i can do the ones i want to do while they're in school. then i don't have to shove them aside and turn into mean mommy.


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