Playroom Progress

Thursday, March 8, 2012

So, I showed you all the picture of my basement yesterday, with it's nasty carpet,
brick walls and drop-ceiling.
It wasn't pretty but it is getting better, so I had to show you.
Here's the thing; for now I have to make this basement-room-turned-playroom cute and functional
by using what we already have around here and without painting or pulling up the nasty carpet.
There are too many other things that need done around here this Spring by my sweet husband
and the playroom just isn't one of my top priorities...but the kitchen cabinets?
Oh, yes. Yes, they are.
And I am not foolish enough to burn my man out on painting before he gets to the kitchen : )
Pretty smart, aren't I?

So far we moved the play kitchen down there and made a little housekeeping area complete with
ironing board, broom, sweeper, play food and grocery cart.

And in one little corner we made a little reading spot with lots of pillows and blankets.
There's still more to do and I need to figure out some storage for baskets of toys but it's
progress...we're getting there.


{And a little Insta-Friday}

*highlights and lowlights of the week...

wyatt home sick for a couple of days
family trip to see the Lorax
a little snow
a little rain
filling out kindergarten packet for my baby-a week after it was due because i am in denial
a big, bright full moon
lots of movie watching with my sick boy

Happy Friday everyone, we got lotsa stuff going on this about you?
Hope you all have a good one.

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  1. ooh first time visiting! what a lovely blog and i love the look of the play room! Gosh even i want to go and have a play in it xx

  2. Looking good! Such a cute space you're building there :)

  3. What a cute space for your kids! I remember my Strawberry Shortcake Kitchen set I had as a child. It was my favorite thing to play with. Your daughter has a wonderful area for creative play! Love the pillow reading nook, too.
    Our weekend consists of lots of baseball... practice, scrimmage. And taxes... I've been stalling. Hope your family has a good one!

  4. what a sweet little space, sure to evoke charlotte's inner betty crocker. i love all the little "amy" details in there too. like those abc cute! are those eeboo? i love that stuff!

  5. It looks great! And hey at least your basement space is usable. Mine is GROSS and damp :(

    That flash card display rocks!

  6. I adore all your captures! I especially love all that bunting :) And that polaroid camera shot it awesome! I need one of those in my life :)

  7. Your basement seems to be shaping up nicely!! Love all your insta shots!!

  8. Oh wow that playroom is looking pretty cute!

  9. that playroom is looking gooooood!

  10. what a fun space to play! good luck with the kitchen cabinets....that's on my honey do or wish list too!

  11. Love the paper lanterns and the bunting over the blackboard! :)

  12. Sweet touches. Kindergarten is a hard one. You'll be okay.

  13. I'm in denial, too. I still have the forms (from March 1st) ... must fill them out (tomorrow)

    It will be ok, right? le sigh...

  14. Your play space is looking great. What a sweet space. We have those same alphabet cards. You can come and practice on my kitchen first if you like.


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