Wednesday Morning Ramblings...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This morning I am sitting in a quiet house in my pajamas, finally taking a deep breath.
In silence.
Two whole hours of quiet I will have.
We sent Wyatt back to school today and Eric took both of the kids, I do love Wednesdays.

This is just a little of what is on my mind, in no particular order....

* we have been enjoying these pretty flowers all week, they are from the funeral. i love fresh
flowers in the house. instant happiness.

* putting away all of the hats, mittens, scarves, boots. but i know the minute i do we will
need them again.

*yesterday at preschool charlotte's class got to squeeze their own lemons for lemonade and they
made their own sidewalk chalk, too. how fun is that? so in the afternoon we decided to squeeze our
own lemons for lemonade and it was so good. yum.

* i take pictures of these same two churches all the time. like all the time.
i pass them both every school day, at least twice.
i love taking pictures of churches, sorry if you are sick of seeing them.

* i really, really need this print. absolutely perfect.

                                                                                    Source: via Amy on Pinterest

*last week i took the kids down by the river in the park where i had seen a bunch of shells before.
you would have thought it was the coolest place ever, they collected a bunch of shells.
imagine what they would do if they were to go to the ocean-which, by the way, i hope we can do soon.

* still going back to look at this house...just one more time. i am so in love, in awe and inspired by
joy's home and it has got me ready to get some things done around here. like now...sometimes i
get stuck..or nervous to try something crazy but i am going for it. thank you, joy.

*which brings me to this picture. eeek. i am almost too embarrassed to show it. this is the
playroom in the basement that has previously been used pretty much for storage. this is the
playroom in process. it needs a lot of work. see the nasty carpet? and the walls?
yuck. for now i need to do a mini-makeover without painting or taking up the carpet.

* we finally moved the play kitchen down there, it has been in the dining room for the last
couple of years now. i was kind of sad to move it out of our main living space but i think
it will get lots of use down there.

*ella the elegant elephant... i LOVE this book. so cute.

* and this print? wow. i need to stay off etsy and pinterest. naahhhh, never mind, no i don't : )

                                                                                Source: via Amy on Pinterest

what are you thinking about, dreaming of, waiting on or working on this week?
my coffee is done, i am headed down to the basement...wish me luck!


  1. Amy! I have been back to look at Joy's home at least 5 times! It is one of the most fantastic ones that Heather has ever showcased! I'm simply swooning over that Orla wallpaper in the kitchen.


    PS- flowers make me happy too.Hubby just doesn't get it!

  2. I wanted to learn more about you so I tagged you on my blog today! :)

  3. I think we should start a Joy fan club! :) I've re-looked at that post several times!
    And @Amy, I'm in the same boat with my craft room. I'm stuck. Not sure what to do to make me want to get in there! Good luck in your basment!

  4. hope your basement clean-up is going good!
    i put away our coats and gloves and stuff this weekend too while i was moving and reorganizing. and you're'll probably snow now :)
    i love your church pics.
    your flowers looks so pretty they almost look fake!
    i better go take a few minutes to read before we have to head to church...i'm reading the hunger games...finally! oh so good!!

  5. when i'm scrolling through my reader i always know it's you because of the church pics. don't ever stop! love those prints too. make me smile to my toes.

  6. I think with the right toy organization that basement playroom will be fabulous! Work with whatcha got. The kids don't care what it looks like anyways, right? :)(and yes...that last print would be adorable on the playroom walls).
    Have a good week. I'm envious of your quiet morning:)

  7. i LOVE all of your pics...don't stop! :)
    i hope your making tons of progress today and having a great time in the quiet sipping coffee.

  8. i bet you can rock that playroom makeover. and now i have a taste for fresh squeezed lemonade. i think it is time to put away the winter gear and throw caution to the wind. or something like that.

    p.s. did you just change your header while i switched posts? :)

  9. I was exactly thinking about the church pictures. I almost jumped when I read your post because it was like you were looking inside my thoughts! I thought maybe it was a view from your front step...

    They are beautiful and they make me happy too so please keep posting them!!!


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