Where The Magic Happens :: A Bedroom Tour

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Okay, that's a lie.
It's just my bedroom.
I hate it when people on tv are giving tours of their home and they say that.
Anyway, finally getting something hung up in my bedroom yesterday prompted me to vacuum and
clean in there-and take a few pictures of it.
Back when I did my home tour over at Heather's I didn't even get to the upstairs at all.
There is no "master bedroom" here, actually out of four bedrooms I think we somehow took
the next to the smallest one--still not sure why we did that.
My room is a mix of vintage, new, hand-me-down and family treasures.
You would never find a matching bedroom set in my house, or a matching anything for that matter.

I am not normally a bright walls kinda girl but I wanted something brighter in here with lots of
white and I actually love the yellow.
I kind of have a problem of picking paint colors for rooms and then not really liking them.
This bedroom has two windows and gets great light fromt he West, I can see the moon out of
one of my window's a lot while laying in bed. I love that.

My map, my map. I love my new map and it is the perfect spot for it because this wall has been
empty forever because I couldn't decide what should go there. Hooraay for auctions!

I got this yellow dresser at an Estate Sale for about $8 I think, I plan to paint it but just haven't
gotten around to it yet. It's on my list.
The little white train case(that's what I call it anyway) next to my dresser belonged to my grandma
and holds more jewelry, headbands and stuff.

I love my mismatched vintage pillowcases along with the other pillows my mom made for me.
Favorite quilt, made by my great-grandma on my dad's side.
And I always have a stack of magazines and notebook/journal nearby.

1. little pitcher that belonged to my grandma & a favorite picture of my other grandma
2. stack of books next to the bed
3. LOVE this album cover. How cool is that?
4. Chalkware birds = antique store score

1. bedside table(love the little picture from Charlotte)--usually there also sits the remote, my phone,
lip stuff and countless bobby pins and hair elastics.
2. bracelet organization--dollar store tray
3. awesome leather cuff :: "Stronger Than She Thought" by Jeanne Oliver  (here)
4. favorite things

Earring holder #1, finally hung...the second one is hung right next to it, now I just need to add
the wire to the back of it. You will see that I have way too much jewelry and not quite enough
storage...an ongoing problem.

On my dresser:: more earrings, photostrip from yesterday and my favorite lotion and the best
smelling perfume ever. Ever. I always wear vanilla.

Wall O' Hoops
Mess of necklaces
Old working radio


So there is my bright little bedroom.
And now a little of Charlotte and I embracing the camera yesterday....

Have a great day.
I am so excited for our four-day weekend to start--not long now!


  1. love your bedroom and love, love, love all your flower earrings!!
    also, you and charlotte look like you exchanged expressions in the two pictures!

  2. so fun and cheery! looks just like you! :)

  3. love your bedroom!
    and your earring collection is amazing! :)

  4. I love your bedroom!!! Looks like it came off of the page of a magazine. :)

  5. Your room is so full of sunshine, loved things, and beautiful art. And I say art because treasured things ARE ART.


  6. Perfect perfect perfect and so totally you. Exactly how I would have imagined your sweet space looking (except maybe for the yellow walls that look totally amazing). Such a sweet space for an amazing woman. Have a great weekend.

  7. Very pretty! And I finally decided to find out why your blog is named Lucky Number 13....I was shocked because my oldest was born on Friday the 13th too...In January.

  8. Oh my gosh I love your room! It's so bright and cheerful, just like I imagine you to be. And that old radio? It works! So neat!


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