{Virtual Coffee}

Monday, July 2, 2012

hey there.
just popping in to try and get a coffee post up for the morning--
just assuming that i will have internet connection issues again tomorrow since we do about
75% of the time now.
comcast is coming out again tomorrow and if it is not fixed i seriously think i might punch someone
in the face. it's true.
it is so frustrating and ridiculous to pay for a service that you can't even USE most of the time.

deep breaths, amy, deep breaths.
anyway-- it was a busy, hot, crazy kinda weekend.
and when i say hot i mean like at least 100* and just sweating standing there doing absolutely
yeahhh, that kind of hot.
saturday was our anniversary, 12 years.
which is kinda crazy and hard to believe but then seems just about right at the same time.
know what i mean?
we didn't get to do anything special, like just the two of us, because we had a family party to go
to saturday night and no sitter anyway, we are gonna try and do something this coming weekend
we did have a special family breakfast in honor of the tour de france(do you watch?) starting saturday morning though. 
eric waits for these three weeks all year long.
it was a nice morning and not just because there was mimosas involved, i sware.

saturday night on the pond at my uncle's.
isn't it beautiful?

So I know I am cutting coffee super short but I am afraid of I don't get this posted tonight it
won't get posted in time tomorrow.
Before you go though watch this video from our family cook-out Saturday night.
Really  I just wanted to share with you my most favorite video app for iphone, I know you are not
that interested in a stranger on a wakeboard...but this is cool.
I really love it,  it's got the coolest effects and I love how it looks like a real old-school video.
It's 8 mm, find it here.
{and make sure you turn up the volume}

rickfest video 1 from Amy Bramer on Vimeo.

So thanks for stopping by here for a quick cup of coffee--hopefully all my internet problems will
soon be a thing of the past.
Fingers crossed.
Happy Tuesday everyone, have a great day.


  1. Argh. I swear, Comcast takes my arm and leg every month! Tell them you want some sort of refund for all the trouble...I've been given a credit in the past. Oh, and happy happy anniversary!

  2. Nice pics. Belaed happy anniversary. I hope everything will be ok once we come out. Should you need more help, please feel free to contact us.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  3. i sure hope they get that fixed for ya today!
    that is so very frustrating!
    hope it cools off for us all soon so we can enjoy the outdoors again!

    happy anniversary, too!

  4. I'm giggling at the 8mm sound effect that comes with that effect on Vimeo. Very cool.

  5. Just linked up, a little late!


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