favorite corners

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I have been trying to clean and organize and purge a little this week.
Ever feel like you wanna just get rid of it all and start over?
I do, like every few weeks.
And ever feel like these projects are never-ending...and you are never really "finished'?
Or is that just me?
It might be.
Anyway...here are some of my favorite corners and favorite things, all cleaned up.

{me, my sister & my mom, late 70's.}

Love my new little yellow baby quilt I got in Indiana at a rummage sale a couple of weeks ago 
for a dollar I think, so cute.
And there is the church bench that I really want to paint but I am too intimated so I haven't
 even picked out a paint color yet....ughhh.
I kinda just wish someone would come do it for me.

Little shadow box with a beautiful picture of my grandma, her recipe cards, cake tester and her
 gold hat pin with her initials; EJ.... Elizabeth Jesse. Elizabeth Charlotte Jesse.
Ahhhh, I miss my grandma.... and all of my grandparents.

I have a whole Pinterest board of "Favorite Corners"....
I love looking through all of those photos and daydream about painting all of my wood floors 
white or living in some of those amazingly cute rooms. So fun.
Looking through all of the pictures on that board = instant inspiration!

Do you have any favorite corners in your home you want to share?
Or anywhere else?
Leave me a link!

Happy Wednesday.


  1. A friend of mine did something similar as a photo project a couple years ago...

  2. your home is adorable! are those frames wrapped in fabric? such a cute idea (if so). i want to try that! :)

  3. love these corners of yours amy!:)
    love your curtains (i have them in green!)
    love your old chairs and all those quilts!
    love those frames...must make some soon.:)
    thanks for sharing
    have a happy day amy

  4. love your corners. :)
    your whole house is super adorbs!

  5. Seriously, your house is cozy to the MAX! I would happily come over and help paint your bench in exchange for some coffee and chit and chat:)
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your style kills me. Probably because we have no style and I'm currently dating my style. But I think I want to date your style instead. Your home is so warm & chic & inviting.

    I adore the yellow blanket. Great eye for treasures & photography.



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