Fall Treasure Hunt, aka: The One Thing I Accomplished Yesterday

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yesterday was one of those days.
The kind where I literally got nothing done apart from feeding the kids lunch and getting the baby to take one of her two 
naps and listing a couple of things in the shop while the older four watched part of a movie. 
Monday is the day I watch my nieces and since there was no school yesterday I had all five kids. 
Five kids is fine, I can handle it- they are good, they get along well and love playing together. 
But some days you feel like you cannot even start one task before someone is asking you for something, someone is hurt 
or someone is telling on someone else.
Not a bad day, just one of those days.

It was a beautiful, sunny day so before we went to the playground we took a walk around the neighborhood to burn 
off some energy, get some fresh air and do a little treasure hunt. 
I made the kids each up a list of what to look for and they took pencils to mark off what they 
collected and spotted. They were really into it and took it pretty seriously, it was fun. And cute.

The leaves are starting to be so pretty right now.
We live in an area of old houses and mature trees so there are beautiful colors and leaves everywhere.
If I didn't accomplish much I am glad we got to do this, right?
Never mind the laundry, cleaning, errands, shop stuff and birthday party planning for this weekend.
Hope you have a great day and I hope it is starting to feel like Fall where you are!


  1. love your perspective on this, you created an awesome treasure hunt even though it felt like you didn't get anything else done! I too, was having a funky day yesterday but that was probably due to lack of caffeine...my husband got home and all I could say was..well at least I made the bed!

  2. So all you accomplished (besides watching 5 kids and making lunch and working a little) was this great treasure hunt (handmaking the lists!)? How lazy of you! I love this idea, will copy it. How many found ghosts?

  3. amy, this is just the sweetest. i love every bit! and i wish i had your handwriting. you're so fun!

  4. LOVE this idea.
    might have to copy you!
    except our fall leaves have left...as in FALLEN and are currently blowing away. ;)

  5. Yeah, they’re so into it. I can see from the way they were almost laying on the ground just to mark off an item. Cute! :D At least, that’s a satisfying excuse for not doing the errands, Amy, if only to spend some quality time with your girls. And the weather is so pleasant to be wasted indoors! ;)

    Rosalinda ^.^


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