Friday, October 5, 2012

Last Saturday we took a day trip to the Windy City.
Chicago never disappoints but this was a really special trip; it was the kid's first time there and
their first train trip and they loved it all.
I'm feeling a little shady even admitting that it was their first time to Chicago, seeing that we are
only a few hours away, but when we go it's usually a grown-ups only trip, ya know?
Sorry kids.
Anyway-- the weather was amazingly perfect and the kids were amazingly well-behaved.
I mean really, who are these kids? kind of good.

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen a lot of these pictures already.
I really wanted to take my Nikon but I decided against it, no fun lugging that thing around all day, especially since
the kids were with me and I knew that meant I would have extra stuff to carry.
And then there were all the shopping bags....Yeah, so iphone only.

So, you saw the red bag.
That was our main reason for going, Charlotte's first trip to the American Girl store.
Wow, that was something else.
Have you ever been?
I had been in there a few times but never with Charlotte, which was just a tiny bit overwhelming.
Fun but much to look at, so many many cute dolls.
And it was so HOT.
I don't know if it was just the actual temperature in the store or the fact that we were buying
so much outrageously priced stuff and it was giving me hot flashes.
Yeah, that could have been it.

We left with Julie the doll and a bunch of things she needed, naturally, and some Legos that were
at the top of Wyatt's list.
It was really fun to take the kids to the two stores we knew they would love more than anything else.
And also really fun to say; "Yep, you can get that!"
They were birthday shopping and believe me, they are not used to hearing YES so much.
Both grandma's were with us as well so I think we left Chicago with our birthday shopping finished.

So there's just a little bit of our day.
The kids really liked taking the train, they thought that was so cool.
I think Wyatt used the restroom on the train about 10 times just because he wanted to(gross) and 
they loved the food car and picking out something from that, too.
Lots of good memories.

Happy Friday!
It's a rainy, dreary day here and I would like to get back in bed and zone out on bad tv all day
but there are things to do, errands to run and a 2nd grade spelling bee at 2:00.
No bed for this mama.
Happy weekend, y'all!

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  1. that sounds so fun!
    IT really is fun to say yes, when they really do hear no SO SO much!
    i love that!
    chicago looks like such a great city!

  2. I have always wanted to take a train trip... maybe I can talk the hubs into it!

  3. chicago is DEFINATELY on our list of places to visit! sooo glad you got to go, take your kids and it was a good day! love that :) congrats on the new addition to the family with your little American Girl. so fun.


  4. so fun!!!!
    but next time you have to take your big camera, it's just too fun to take pictures there~
    glad she got Julie, great choice!

  5. Deeeeelightful!!! My girls are best friends with Kit and Ruthie. Let me just say it's a good thing they have two grandmas...the only way to afford such lovely dollies and all their STUFF! I love the train idea...I need to find a destination for us so the girls can experience the thrill of the railway. Fun stuff!

  6. that train ride looks like so much fun!
    i LOVE the pic of julie in her little red bag and you guys holding hands...SO precious.
    looks like an amazingly fun trip.
    we should go sometime, we're not too far away either!


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