{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

hi there.
good morning.
i did not want to get out of bed this morning, it was chilly and i wanted to pull the covers over
my head and lay there until 10:30. At least.
But then I remembered that a hot cup of coffee tastes so good when it's chilly in the morning.
Oh yeah and there's also a couple of kids that need breakfast and hair fixed and they need to get to school, too.

So grab a cup of coffee and join me for a chat this morning. Won't ya?
I am actually up early this morning, feeling a little excited/anxious/nervous about the big day.
I am ready for it to get here and then be over with, like now.
The mailings, the commercials, the cukoo-crazy political rants on facebook....
I'm over it.
Just anxious for tonight.

So yes, I voted already.
I wanted to take the kids with me so we went before school.
They were excited and Charlotte told me that yesterday she told her teacher that she might be 
late today because 'we were going to the election.' 
I love it.

If we were really meeting up for coffee this morning...
I would tell you that I am really soaking up the sun as much as possible and not feeling ready at
all for the gloomy late Fall and Winter days ahead.
I need sunlight, like need it... and the Winter months are rather depressing for me.
People have suggested melatonin vitamin D(i'm getting mixed up because i am also going through a little bout of insomnia right now, too) but I have never tried it... have you?
Any other suggestions?


So I would have to bring up the "C" word, although I really hate to.
I don't even know how many days or weeks it is till Christmas and I am really not ready to know yet.
I am just not ready for it until I am ready for it...ya know?
BUT, I really want to try hard to do more handmade/locally bought gifts for Christmas this year.
And by handmade I mean making some gifts myself and buying from other handmade shops.
So I need to get with it...I'm thinking maybe after this weekend?
Have you started?
Please do not say you are finished because then I am really going to feel like a huge failure.

I made a bunch of these bracelets the other day, like a bunch.
I ended up with lots of glue gun burns, as always but these colors and patterns make me happy.
I am going to add a few more Christmas things to the Shop this week including a set of super cool
Christmas mugs.

Well, Mrs. Bramer has to be over at school soon...The Reading Mother's duties call.

So I had better finish this cup of coffee, or have another, and get moving.
I hope you all have a great day.

Oh- and look at Eddie up there.
As if he wasn't cute enough already.
Dear Lord.


  1. i'm so glad voting day is here...so it can all be over! i don't know if i've ever been as annoyed with it as i was this year. nice having coffee with ya :)

  2. Those bracelets are adorable! I love it! Mmmm coffee!

  3. I've taken melatonin before...but only to help me fall asleep. I've never heard of it being taken for the "sun." What about vitamin D?
    I love those bracelets!! They are darling and would make some great gifts for some of my friends! :)

  4. i here ya, gloomy days are the worst. i have not tried vitamin d, but have found a trip to Florida to work pretty well, if only it didn't cost 2000 to fly my family and wasn't like 24 hours away. i guess i better get some vitamin d. I like the virtual coffee idea, i will try and link up next week.

  5. I adore those bracelets. They'll look good with the outfit I have in mind. And coffee wakes me up in the morning. I need a dose of it everyday to keep me going.
    mandurah real estate

  6. we tried 'full-spectrum' light bulbs in the winter months last year. not completely sure if they worked. but i will say february is my SAD month every year and last february i was ok. so maybe they were the trick!

  7. I am a little late in answering but have been missing from the blogging world for a couple of weeks and catching up now: Vitamin D should help. My first child was born at end December and it is common to give winter babies vitamin D drops here in Italy. Because they are not exposed to enough sun light.


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