Back On My Soap Box /// Attack Of The Female Bloggers

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So. I mentioned yesterday that I have had a bunch of posts hanging out in my head for the last few weeks but just
haven't been able to get them out for some reason.
Nothing earth-shattering or terribly important even, just stuff.
So instead I go for the lighter posts, the ones with more pictures and less talking... you know the on's' that require a little less
thinking and effort.

Anyway, one day last week I was looking at my stats on blogger- you know how many page views, where people
are visiting from, traffic sources, etc.
I don't even look at them that often because truthfully I'm just not that concerned with my stats...
they don't actually matter to me much at all.

But here's the part where I get annoyed.
Like SERIOUSLY annoyed.
When looking at what people search for online that brings them here(unless they are just searching for my blog by it's name)
is :  "Soule Mama annoying" and  "Kelle Hampton annoying".
Because reading that just kinda annoyed the hell out of me.

* (If you are having deja'vu right about now; Yes, you're right, I have talked about this before.
You can read that post here. And actually, you should because I talk about my real opinion
on Kelle Hampton as well as the Kelle Hampton's you might know in your real life).

This is where I climb back up on my Soap Box and talk about how bloggers annoy me so much
with their judgment of other bloggers.
And when I say "bloggers" I mean those who blog, tweet, instagram...whatever.
Why on GOD'S GREEN EARTH are people spending so much of their time + energy worrying about
other people and how they live their lives?

Recently the criticism I have come across of Kelle Hampton, Stephanie Nielson(of the famed
NieNie Diaries) and James Bleubird of Bleubird Vintage has made me roll my eyes and wonder what is wrong with people... but has also
really made me a little sad + mad that other women(bloggers and non-bloggers) are so hard on other women.
Is it really just because as women it makes us feel better about our own lives and ourselves when we criticize + attack other women?

Why do we really care if--

someone throws tea parties in the woods and dresses their kids in cute matchy outfits every day?
what business is it of ours what someone elses religious beliefs?
if someone believes that one of their main jobs as a mother is to prepare their daughters to one day be mothers?
if some one's pre-teen boy is wearing a t-shirt we think is inappropriate?
if people only show the happy, glittery moments and not the rough, bad ones to the rest of the world?

My advice is this, not that anyone asked::
Live your OWN LIFE.... do what you think is best for you and your family.
Stop judging other's for their choices.
If what they are doing makes you feel bad about your life + what you are or are not doing,
then that is YOUR problem, not theirs.

My disclaimer is this ::
I am not claiming that I never, ever judged others... Sure I have.
In the online world if I don't like what someone is doing or saying, if I can't relate then I just wouldn't
read anymore.
What I don't and wouldn't do, is attack someone I have never met with mean comments + judgments while hiding behind a
computer/phone or an online persona.

How about giving encouragement, kind words or praise instead?
And if not? How about just keeping our mouths shut + our judgements to ourselves?
I think it is hard enough being a women and a mom... judging each other and feeling judged
just makes it that much harder.


Well, there's me on my Soap Box today.
I could really go on and on and on if I let myself... I won't do that to you though.
I hope everyone has a great day.
I have an open day today, nothing going on at I am planning to clean, purge and organize until the kids get home form school.
Messy, junky, un-organized hoarder's I come!!!


  1. Amen, sister!
    One of the things they don't tell you about getting older (I'm 63) is that you care less and less about what other people think.
    I only wish I'd had that insight years ago when I was raising my boys.
    Blogging is a glimpse into another persons life - it's not their 'total' life.
    People who get their panties in a twist over someone elses life clearly don't have enough going on in their own!

  2. interesting you posted this, as i looked at mine recently and it was a search for "boy pooping in pants," and it really disgusted me. ick. i think you are an awesome blogger -- keep up the good stuff amy!

  3. hey there! this isn't exactly on topic - but thought it was timely. i've had my own blog for a couple years ... and have kept pretty quiet / stealth in the blogging community because of the judging and bloggy nastiness that you mention. It was a fear of being too out there and vulnerable to and with people I've never met - even though I think there is so much good and wonderful to be had in this blogging community. For that reason I never comment on others - even though you and countless others inspire me and bring happy thoughts & images to my day.

    I just recently decided to engage and not let the fears and ickies you talk about stop me. So...hello, I'm Erin and I think you are pretty great! I love your photos, mama perspective and inspiring creativity. Nice to "meet" you and thank you for sharing your space with me!

  4. First, AMEN!!! Can't we all just get along?
    Secondly, LOVE these pics you posted, especially the mirror one! Fun perspective.

  5. I like you on your soap box! :) And I concur x 100. Seriously- Save the judgements for sports where competitions are to be expected. Am I right?! Seriously...

    :) Preach it, mama.

  6. maybe i just don't care ENOUGH about other people, but i seriously just DO NOT care how y'all are doin' your things. build up, not tear down. we're hard enough on ourselves.

  7. I always wonder what compels these mean commentors to go to the trouble. I mean if you really don't like the person move on, don't cause drama or hurt. The fact is hurting people hurt people. It's hard to be happy for others when you're miserable.

  8. well said.
    i nodded during the entire post.
    and your header is super purdy.

  9. you speak truth!
    i don't even have time to worry about what others are doing for goodness sake...not that i don't compare at times, but MY GOODNESS, i have my OWN issues! my prayer is that i always speak truth in love and that my words uplift and encourage and don't tear down.

    i love this verse and i TRY to live it. TRY.

    "Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones." Prov 16:24


  10. I agree, if you don't like what you are reading, just leave with a click of your mouse. No one is forcing you to read.

  11. That was a good soapbox.

    I never understand why people take the actions of others so personally. Life is actually not all about 'you' - some things actually exist for others and have nothing whatsoever to do with you. So, no need to worry about them at all.

    That's what I think.


  12. It's hard to put yourself out into the world. Real hard. And my skin has never been particularly thick. What am I getting myself into?

  13. Amen girl! People are so worried about what everyone else is doing they don't realize that they have a 2x4 in their own eye! We really do need to build each other up and not do the tear down thing!

  14. Amen girl! People are so worried about what everyone else is doing they don't realize that they have a 2x4 in their own eye! We really do need to build each other up and not do the tear down thing!


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