Hearts For Days....

Monday, January 28, 2013

I've been cutting out lots of hearts... lots and lots and lots.
And making lots of little garlands.
I can't stop, I think they are so cute.

There are some in the Shop still and I will be adding some more soon.
Sipping my tea, listening to podcasts on Stitcher while cutting + gluing...
It's kind of relaxing.

I'm headed to the Post Office today,  so you still have time to order and have them shipped out today.
Good thing about these little things are that they shouldn't take long to get to YOU at all!
This is how they will come to you--
They can also be sent as a gift with a sweet note inside. 

Happy Monday, hope it's a pleasant, non-stressful, quick + awesome day.
Come back here tomorrow for Coffee, I'd love to have ya.


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