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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Three hours, a full tank of gas and a little bit of money, just a little... that's all I needed last Friday afternoon.
I only had around $12 on me, but I did have a lot of change, which is necessary when you are  driving randomly through the country
not sure at all where you are headed,  except...  South.
The change was for the fountain diet coke at the gas station.
Total mini-Road Trip necessity.

Somehow I ended up at one of my favorite junky thrift stores about 30-40 minutes away--
which, had I been thinking, I would have made sure I had more cash on me... but it all worked out.
{Just wait... you'll see}.
If you have been reading here long you know that country drives are one of my most favorite things.
Now that means that I have to allow for quite a bit more time than what my trip will actually take because I like to drive on the actual
country roads, not the highway.
You should also know that I am directionally challenged, so this is the other reason I have to allow for my little trips to take longer
than they actually should.
All I can say is, thank god for the compass and GPS on my phone.
I am a hot mess.

Sun shining, country roads, fields, barns, silos, tractors, lots of animals, big old country houses....
I am in heaven.
On my way back home I stopped at the cemetery to see my grandma + grandpa's grave...
and wouldn't ya know, I still had some change left so I was able to leave a quarter there for my grandpa.
It makes me smile when I stop there and see a little row of quarters lined up there left by his kids and/or grand kids.
My grandpa always gave us quarters when we were little, and maybe even when we were too old to be wanting quarters, so now
we leave them for him.

By the time I got back in town, home and inside my house I might have only beat the kids home by about 5 minutes, you might
say I cut it just a little too close ... but I made it.
And it was just what I needed.
Time to think, away from home and any responsibilities, no music playing... just completely quiet...
that truly does me a world of good.

OH! And my purchase... the one that made me GASP loud enough to almost really embarrass myself...
I almost missed this little beauty... this awesome little wooden lamp that plays music when you wind up the little
cat and the girl rocks back and forth.
I am in love.
This lamp that plays music and lights up and rocks and does just what the tag said it could was only--
wait for it.................................... $12.
Exactly how much I had on me.
Can you even believe it?

Maybe this little lamp will inspire me to finally do the big re-do on Charlotte's bedroom...
Hmmm...... Well anyway, in the mean time it sure does look cute in there.


Hope you have a happy, happy Sunday.


  1. Great photos! I love that old truck!

  2. OH my cuteness!!! Love that lamp and because it was $12 you know it was meant for you!! Love your photos and I would love to have that truck:)

  3. I'm your newest follower - found you on Simple as That! I love the photo of the old truck and the fence...awesome photos!!

  4. what a great day amy...i don't hit these country roads enough!:) and that lamp is the sweetest...and for $12...seriously?!?!?!:)
    have a happy day amy

  5. Lovely photos of your driving adventure!! I am digging the lamp.

  6. I love the lamp! What song does it play?

  7. sounds perfect!!!
    all we need is just a little break to
    recharge sometimes.


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