(Filled)With Love

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I thought I would show you a little bit of the LOVE going on around here today and 
what I still have in the works for Thursday for my three favorite people.

But first, let it be noted here, that for me personally, I'm not super into Valentine's Day 
for myself but I do like to make it a little special for the kids. 
loved  the Valentine's Day parties at school when I was a kid; my very favorite thing was
 making those shoe box mailboxes.  Ahhhh.... the memories.

I made these super easy paper candy-filled Valentine's for the kids today.
I am not the mom that stays up until midnight working on these kinda projects--
 it's gotta be fairly quick and easy..... and I'm in!
Just cut two hearts out of brown craft paper( I just used a paper bag), 
stitch it up most of the way around, add candy +  finish stitching it shut.
Super easy and super cute.

Tonight we are going to work on some special Valentine's for their teachers and grandparents.
Glitter , glue ribbon + tape... all the fixin's for the perfect Valentine.

Thursday night we have Lego Club at school so we won't be doing anything special
 + we won't have a whole lot of time,  but I am going to make my 3 favorite people a special treat.
The kids(and Eric) all love brownies so I am going to make them heart-shaped brownies in these 
cute little tins-- yet another thing we got from Eric's grandparent's house recently.
Uhh... brownies with chocolate frosting + sprinkles? 
They will be so happy when they come home from school on Thursday and see their little 
personal brownies.

Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions you like to do for or with your kids/husband/family?
Any fun crafting ideas?
Favorite Valentine candy? Activities? Meals?
Tell me all about it... I wanna hear!


Happy Tuesday, y'all, hope it's a good one.


  1. I love all of these sweet vinatge and handmade touches! xoxo

  2. i don't really, but i should start something. cooking dinner might be a start;)

  3. i love that you said fixin's. :)

    my hubby and i usually celebrate a week or two later. valentines week is crazy busy. brandon's birthday is the 10th and emerson's is the 12th. busy.


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