Florida :: My Favorite 13

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just a few of my fAvoRitE photos from Florida...
I miss it already.
And my girls.
But these colors and these pictures make me really happy.
Now to sleep... and get caught up on all things here in the real world.

Be on the lookout for much more about my little vacation this week!
ps- i have a serious urge to paint my house a beachy color now... sea foam green? turquoise? :)


  1. looks like an AMAZING time. just love all the color and SUNSHINE! glad you could get away. and now spring should be right at your doorstep:)

  2. You did it!!! And looks like you were rewarded with amazing memories.

  3. Love the pics!!! The colours are fab and glad you enjoyed your girls trip...they are the best:)


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