The Yellow Fields

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day weekend was a whirlwind, it really was.
Sometimes there is just so much going on that you feel like you can't really relax and enjoy it at all.
Between a graduation party in Iowa on Friday, way too way too many hours in the car, Kindergarten graduation, awards ceremony
at school, 13 friends over for an end-of-the-year party, our annual family Memorial Day camp-out at The Farm.... and the list goes on.

I don't do good with being that busy, I really don't.
When there is too much going on, it really stresses me out.

Sunday afternoon while down at the cabin, Wyatt and I jumped in the car to go see one of these yellow fields close up.
On the way to the cabin we probably passed twenty-five of these fields.
So pretty, so much YELLOW.
This right here is breathing space, this is exactly what that phrase means to me.
Yellow. Space. Beautiful. Calm. Breathe. Serenity.

Here is something I have come to learn about myself--
When things are so crazy and cluttered(in my mind) and busy I have a hard time finding the calm.
I can't just  "go there"  like some people can, the stress and mind-clutter turns into stress, which sometimes turns into anxiety.
This is something I am always working on, always trying to figure out.

Breathing space, quiet time, alone time away from it all is so NECESSARY for me.
I don't just like it, or enjoy it... I need it.  It's so good for me.
It's funny how something like yellow fields can do this for me, it's pretty cheap therapy really.
I'll take it.

All of the pictures above were taken with my Nikon but I have to share a couple of my favorite Instagrams of the yellow fields, too....
My boy in the field holding a daisy he picked for me?
I love it.
These two photos were taken with my Iphone and edited with the Picfx app using the PFX Film filter, PFX5.
I love that app... and that filter, there is so much you can do with it.

So there was my little happy place this weekend, the yellow fields.
Oh and by the way, I think that is Goldenrod in the fields, unless I totally made that up.
How is your Holiday weekend? What did you do?
I guess the weekend isn't really over yet, we still have Monday...and I don't plan to do a whole lot at all.
ONE more day of school and we are officially on Summer Vacation, folks....


Happy Monday!

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