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Saturday, June 29, 2013

So... Google Reader is no longer as of July 1st?
Say whaaaat?
I mean, I really knew that was coming,  but I tend to procrastinate... so I am just now starting the process of following all of the blogs
I love to read over on Bloglovin'.

Since I am being forced to change,  I have to say I actually kind of like Bloglovin'... it's just a pain in
the butt to switch I suppose... Or maybe I'm just lazy?
Yeah, that's probably actually it.
Anyway, you should go follow me over on Bloglovin' and then click on the little thing that says "Similar Blogs" to explore and find some new
blogs you didn't even know you should be reading.
I do kinda love that.
OH- just click the button over on the bottom left-hand side to follow me on Bloglovin', it's that easy.

But enough of that, let's talk about these super-cool Vintage State magnets, instead...

I'm doing a Shop Update Monday morning with some really cool stuff, including these awesome Vintage State magnets.
How cute are they, anyway?
I think I am kind of in love with them and might have considered hoarding them all for myself,  but then decided I would share the love instead.
I think these would make a great little gift... Maybe a friend that is moving to/from a new State?
Or the State magnet where you are from, your favorite vacation spot... or just somewhere you hope to visit one day.
I have to say, the illustrations and colors are just awesome and I am already on the hunt for MORE.
Don't forget to check these out, along with some other fun stuff, in my Shop --->Lucky13{the shop}Monday morning.

Hope you all have a great weekend... any big plans?
We were hoping to spend some time at an outdoor Street Festival near our neighborhood tonight, then go see fireworks later on, but I'm afraid
the rain might put a damper on those plans. Darnit. I do hate it when the weather ruins outdoor plans.
Oh well, guess we will figure something out.
Happy Saturday, y'all!


  1. What a great idea! You are so creative. I have a puzzle a lot like that. I love it. :)

  2. Really the magnets!!

  3. Love the magnets will have to check out your shop! I'm following you on Feedly. I love Feedly! I am on blog lovin to. I think I'm following you there, but if not I'll add you. Now that I'm on Feedly, I rarely go to blog lovin' though. Both are good!


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