Summer Sky

Sunday, June 9, 2013

One of my favorite things about Summer are these gorgeous Midwestern sunsets.
Oh, how I love them so.
I took these one evening last weekend after Eric and I went out on a date for Mexican and margaritas.
We took a little drive through the country before we picked the kids up at their grandparents and this is what we got to see.
I took these with my phone but I really wish I had my big camera with me.... oh well, it sure was pretty though.


Monday is June 10 already, which means it is time for Ten On Ten again.
My camera battery is charging and I am looking forward to capturing a bit of our day tomorrow- you can read more about
Ten On Ten over at Rebekah's blog, A Bit Of Sunshine.
I'll be back here Monday night to share pictures of our regular ol' Summer day with you.


  1. BEAUTIFUL skies! Sometimes, I think our phones CAN do justice...

  2. oh illinois you slay me. can't wait to bask in the wide expanse that you are!


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