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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good morning.
Grab a cup of coffee and come on in.
Come in out of that humidity and stare at this sweet little corner of my living room with me...
Vintage typewriter + roses from my parent's backyard + little plate + most favorite Katie Daisy print = One happy little corner.
Don't you love it?

So, really, grab a cup of coffee and come on into the air conditioning... it's already hot and humid out there today... and if you don't have coffee
or tea, or whatever it is you're drinking... I'd be happy to fix you something.
And let me ask you a question, my coffee drinking friends, do you switch to iced coffee or anything different in the summer... or just stick
with your usual?
I do love an iced coffee in the warm weather but I guess I need a good recipe to make my own at home...  anyone have one they love?

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you that I just realized
 that school starts for us FOUR WEEKS from tomorrow... four weeks.
Say whaaat?
Didn't summer just start anyway? Ughhhhh.
I hate that and what I really hate is how it makes me feel liked rush and panicky... 
that realization that we are running out of time really kinda sucks.
So I guess it's time to think about what we are really still hoping to do this Summer 
and get moving, huh?
We have gotten in lots of swimming which is always a good thing...
 I don't think I would ever regret things we didn't do because we were swimming instead.


If you were really over this morning for coffee I would have to show you the beautiful new map I got over the weekend at a School Auction.
This picture does not do it justice at all, I took it at the auction right when I unrolled it, 
but it is seriously beautiful.
The map is circa 1952 and I paid $10 for it but had I been on the ball I could have got it for cheaper than that,
  but auctions make me so nervous!

If you ever get the chance to go to a school auction, do it.
This was an elementary school auction and later in the day there was going to be a
high school auction as well, but I skipped that one.
Next week I will show you the rest of my loot!


I have been looking forward to this week for a few months now....
This week I am going to Chicago to see Pearl Jam play at Wrigley Field.
I am so excited!
And in honor of me getting to see my boyfriend Eddie Vedder in person this week(just play along, k?)
I am having a 50% off Sale in The Shop tomorrow, just for one day.
Every little thing in the Shop is 50% !!!

---- > edited to add : Coupon is actually valid NOW... good from 7/16- 7/17/13.
Use code "PearlJamChicago" to receive your discount at check-out!

Go check out  the Shop here.

Hope everyone has a great day... thanks for stopping by for coffee this morning.
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  1. I can't believe that summer is almost half over. Actually I won't believe it. I'm going into denial. There... denial... that feels better. Anyway, yes I drink hot coffee in summer. My dad, who as you know is from Mexico, said that they always did, too. The sweat cools you off. It makes sense to me. However I do like a calorie loaded frapp. Yum. And ice tea. yum. And shandy! yummmm! ... If we were getting together today we'd have coffee on the beach, yo. Perfect day for it. Enjoy!

    1. Coffee on the beach does sound perfect, I wanna come!! I like to live in denial too but someone told me yesterday exactly how long we had until school started and i do not like it!! Ughhh. Ahhhh... mocha frappe sounds really good... think i might have to get one this week!

  2. This iced coffee recipe will change your life: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/27/dining/276drex.html?_r=0.
    I make mine with Medaglio del Oro of Cafe Bustelo that I buy at Target, and just do a 1/3 coffee ground to 2/3 water 9I do have a can at a time) and let it sit overnight. The I use the Chemex to drain in the morning for liquid gold. I keep it for up to two weeks in a mason jar (a big one!). When I make iced coffee I do ice, a little coffee, a little water (it's really strong) and milk, then a tiny bit of brown sugar. I also use it for banana/chocolate protein smoothies in the morning. I promise...life changing.

    1. That sounds awesome, I am definitely going to try that out! I have never, ever heard of anyone using brown sugar in their coffee, but it sounds interesting! I'll letcha know what I think!

  3. clearly I should have proofread. Medaglio del Oro OR Cafe Bustelo, and I do a HALF can at a time. THEN I use Chemex to drain. The life changing promise stays the same. : )

  4. Love the typewriter, love the map, love Chicago - I went to college near there and spent many a weekend there with my friends. Giordano's pizza is the best in the world - truly! Have fun at the game. (On a side note, did you get my email? Just checkin'!)

  5. I love that vintage typewriter--so sweet! I suppose I do drink more iced coffee in the summer here...we've recently just tried doing a cold brew with our French press. It turned out great! And the best part is you can make a big batch and keep it in a pitcher in the fridge. Ours has lasted us at least a week...nice for when too lazy/sleep to brew a new cup. :)


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