{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hey there.
Good Morning + Happy Tuesday!
I'm up bright and early this morning, like way early for a Summer morning(for me), because
 I started a brand new, bright + shiny exercise program this morning... which involves getting up early.
But,  it's gotta be done and I have got to stick with it, so I am putting it out there in hopes that you
 all will ask me about it and help keep me in check.
I really, really need that.

Anyway though...
Coffee is a must this morning, with the whole getting up extra early and all.
What are you drinking this morning?
Grab a seat... we're out on the back patio this morning... the candle torches are lit to keep
 the bugs away and my little old scratchy radio is playing in the background.
It's a great morning for coffee on the patio, if you ask me.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, early, out on the back patio, before it gets way too
 hot + humid + gross, I would tell you that we had a great Holiday weekend.
It was long and full and good.
Don't you just  LOVE  Holiday weekends?

We had a great 4th of July, which I shared here, and Sunday was a fantastically wonderful day.
Really though, no sarcasm here. Promise.
Sunday we spent the day at my Uncle's house, which is the house my grandparent's lived in
for years + years in a small countryish town about 15 minutes from where we live.
There was homemade ice cream, swimming in the pond and fishing.
Lots of kids and lots of fun.
I have so many pictures from Sunday that it is going to require it's own post.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would have tell you that NO, I have not 
completely forgotten about my Mama Summer Bucket List... I mean, not completely. 
I haven't actually made much progress on it either, but I have not forgotten about it.
Actually tomorrow, Wednesday I am going to be knocking something off my list...
Hooray for me!

So- yes, tomorrow the kids + I are going on a little get-away for a few days and 
Cannot. wait.
And here's the (kinda)funny thing... we are just going a little over an hour away to my aunt's
 house while they are away in Nashville.
They live in a beautiful house in the country with a garden and  a pond and a beautiful garden...
 so peaceful + relaxing.
I think there is going to be LOTS of reading, fishing, eating ice cream and just hanging out.
We hope that there will be a trip to the little beach, too... fingers crossed.


Tell me what you are up to this week...
For those of you in the States, how was your Holiday weekend?
What are you up to this week and have you been knocking anything off of your own Summer List?

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Happy Tuesday y'all!

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  1. These pictures are so relaxing and I love that chippy boat! The 4th of July is always a good time celebrating with family. Glad you get a little mini getaway coming up, have fun!

    1. i love that chippy boat, too! i spotted it at a rummage sale and told my uncle he HAD to buy it. so cool! : )

  2. you have a beautiful amazing life!
    love it! love your pictures + words!

    tomorrow my friend is coming up from plainfield with her 4 kids and we are doing the beach and renting
    paddle boats and having a picnic!

    1. tara- i know i do!...we all do... it's really hard to remember that some days, huh? i hope you & the girls have so much fun tomorrow. those are the best kind of

  3. ahhhhh....makes me relaxed. I need one of your lattes. But its 11pm. I'll wait til tomorrow :)

  4. Good morning from way Down Here Amy!!

    Firstly- bahahah...love a good exercise program that starts with a coffee, and then has a little pause to go on a sweet little photo filled family holiday away!
    You are my kinda Summer gal!!

    Looking forward to the post from the weekend- I can just imagine the pickies!!

    Will be following on Insta hon.

    M xx

  5. I'm soooooo gonna do virtual coffee next Tuesday except I will write it Monday night and it will be beer. Have a beer with me... Ha ha!


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