Virtual Coffee :: The Back To School Edition

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good morning.
Good morning and Happy Last Day of Summer Vacation to us!
Tomorrow is the big day for us, somehow... I mean how on earth is it time for school to start again already? Didn't Summer just start?
So, grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable... there's lots to talk about.

We are in full Back To School mode around here....

I am happy to report that this year I am starting off the year without that kinda sick feeling I did last year... and that is a very good thing.
I was just thinking last night, you know, while I laid there and couldn't fall asleep forever, that it's so funny and interesting how your feelings
change from school year to school year.
Last year we were changing to a new school and my baby was starting Kindergarten, that was a rough year-- a rough transition for me anyway,
not the kids. But it was a really great school year for all of us.

I can just see myself when the Middle School years arrive and changing schools later and High School, switching classes, class schedules,
driver's ed ... sigh.
It's so hard letting them go, but at the same time it's so cool to see what they learn, to watch them grow and see them as little people away
from you. Do you know what that means... does that make sense?
This parenting business just ain't so easy, that's for sure.

*Oh- and by the way, look how yummy my coffee looks this morning.

So,  the school supplies have been bought and labeled, first day of school outfits have been picked and I even shopped ahead of time for things
to pack in their lunches this week. How awesome am I, anyway?
I pinned some good lunch ideas here, fyi.
I can't say I was ready for Summer to end, because really the kids weren't even driving me all that crazy, but still there is a bit of excitement about
the beginning of a brand new school year, don't ya think?
And speaking of brand new school years... am I the only one that kind of loves buying fresh school supplies?
Crayons, pencils, markers, colored pencils, notebooks... it's a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.

So tonight we will be having our little Back To School Dinner after our Open House.
I think this will be the third year we have done this, I let the kids pick the menu and we have a family dinner together, complete with candles
and sparkling apple cider in wine glasses.
It's a fun tradition and the kids look forward to it, I think I might look forward to the decorating part of it the most-- I know it's not the actual
cooking part anyway.

So, if you have kids in school tell me what you think about the beginning of the new school year...
Have you been counting down the days?
Dreading it?
Are your kids excited?
If you don't work, how will you spend your kid's first day back to school?

I'm not too worried about being too bored once I am home by myself again.
Of course I have enough projects on my imaginary To-Do List in my head to keep me busy for a year, plus helping out at school and... GASP....
looking for a part-time job.
Yep, I think I'll be plenty busy and I had better start knocking out projects until I do find said job...
Well, I think that's it for me today, there's still lots and lots to do today... the day before school starts is a very busy one for a procrastinator like me.

Hope everyone has a great day... I'm listening to this(again) because someway, somehow I'm not sick of it yet and I think my crush on Jimmy Fallon
may have just tripled for sure.

Go ahead and watch it, it's the clean version, I promise.

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  1. Awe!!! Happy back to school. It is going to be a great year, chica.


    We don't start until after Labor day. I'm totally soaking it all in.

  2. i'm jealous! we are going back so early this year... BUT we'll get to start Summer early, too! : )


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