And Just Like That.... Seven.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My girl turned seven today.
My little Friday the 13th baby, born in the wonderful month of October just like her big brother...
Seven years old.
I sware she even look solder today but I am blaming that mostly on her little button-up shirt I'm not used to seeing her in...
 I think it makes her look older. Yeah, that's it. 

Just like I talked about last week in my post about Wyatt's 9th Birthday, last night after their Birthday party
 I was thinking all about my pregnancy with Charlotte and the day she was born.
That's just what you do on their Birthdays, right??
Since I wasn't blogging when I had them, or even when they were much younger,  I don't think 
I have ever really shared much about when they were born.
I want to share my story about how the road to getting pregnant the second time around was a bit 
of a surprise and nothing like the first time... but not in this post tonight.


We did not find out either time the sex of the baby, it was so hard the second time around.
We were excited to have another baby born in October- after the initial shock wore off that is.
I love October, I love Fall.
My parents Birthdays are both in October.

I went in for my 38-week check up with Charlotte, on Friday the 13th, in October of all months, 
and found out after the internal exam that Charlotte was breech.
I was devastated. Scared. Worried.
My doctor would not attempt to try and turn the baby or let me deliver naturally, so I found
 out right then and there, with Eric an hour away at work, that I had to have a c-section.
Soon, very soon.
If you read my post about having Wyatt, you know that I was at the hospital for maybe 45 minutes TOPS before he was born. 
I was really hoping this time would be kinda the same. It was exactly the opposite.
Having a c-section with a little boy at home that just turned 2 ten short days ago?
It didn't sound like fun.
In hindsight everything was fine, it is what had to happen and I had a healthy baby girl.
It was still scary... the not knowing...  the worry.

I wasn't allowed to go to my car or leave the hospital... I really wanted to run home and throw a few more
 things in my hospital bag that wasn't all the way packed.
I called Eric and my mom and my cousin bawling from the hallway of the doctor's office.
I was taken by wheel chair next door to the hospital,  they hooked me up and started prepping me for surgery. I was by myself.
I asked the doctor what would happen if I went in to labor before they could do the c/s and
she told me I was dilated to 4 and already IN labor. Oh. Okay.

I would have been taken in immediately had I not just ate breakfast before my appointment.
Ooops.They explained that if labor progressed they may have to put me all the way out for an emergency c/s.
I did not want that to happen and luckily it didn't.

Eric got there and my labor started progressing to where I was in quite a bit of pain.
Let me tell you something.
If you know you are about to have a c-section anyway, you do not want pain.
NONE. No Pain. There is no point.
I had Wyatt naturally,  but this time I was not about to deal with labor pain and a c/s.
I was taken in to surgery and the whole c/s was just weird and it really freaked me out but it went good.
And it was a girl.
We had decided for sure on Charlotte for a first name, but her being a little early and not knowing the sex, we hadn't yet finalized the middle name.
Charlotte is named after my grandma, Elizabeth Charlotte Jesse.
I kind of liked Charlotte Elizabeth best but Eric like Charlotte Rose.
Before they took me to recovery we hadn't decided so I told Eric to choose whatever.
 Later when I was in recovery they brought down Polaroids of her with " Charlotte Rose" written on the bottom... 
It was perfect. It just sounded so good together.

When I was being prepped for surgery pretty much every nurse/person asked what sex 
the baby was going to be and I would have to say that we didn't know.
The Friday the 13th jokes began.. where you going to name it Michael Myers if it was a boy?
Or what about Jason?
Jason was from the Halloween movies but I think people were mixing that up with Friday the 13th.

When my doctor sent me in for an ultrasound after my internal exam and then had to tell me
 the baby was breech and I needed a c/s,  I have to admit that the whole 
Friday the 13th thing freaked me out... just a bit.
Only because if I had any luck, it was never really GOOD LUCK... 
and surely my luck wasn't going to turn now... Right?
When I told her that Friday the 13th wasn't supposed to be a lucky day she said 
something along the lines of;  Well, it is now.
And it was.
And it is my lucky day.
And Charlotte's.
And yes... the whole blog name thing... that's where it came from.

I love this girl beyond words.
With her crooked smile and missing teeth.
She is sweet and funny, she is a tomboy that loves dolls and all things "cute".
She loves books and school and baby animals.
She loves her brother and her family and she makes us laugh all the time with
 her silly, goofy personality.
She's just a little girl, that acts like a little girl.. 
And this little girl was the best surprise we could have ever asked for.


Happy 7th Birthday Charlotte Rose.


  1. awwwww Lucky 13!! I've always wondered! what a sweet story and I do love her name. Not finding out the sex of the baby is SO much more fun in my humble opinion. She is such a sweetie, Amy. Hope you guys had a great bday day!

  2. love it amy!!
    and happy birthday charlotte rose!


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