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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meet our Elf, Kringle.

He made his big debut at our house last year about 4 days before Christmas.
My kids were 6 and 8 last year.
I was just a little late to the whole Elf On The Shelf game.
And if you want to know the truth?
Last year(like most years) I was feeling a little guilty about my lack of Christmas spirit and stopped on a whim and bought us an Elf,
hoping maybe it would help me get more excited about the Holidays.
Our Elf On The Shelf didn't work any crazy miracles, but he did help I think.

I admit, I was a little overwhelmed by the prospect of having to do the whole Elf thing every night...
I can barley remember to be the Tooth Fairy when I need to, ya know?

Of course I pin all the cute ideas and ooh and ahhh(and sometimes roll my eyes) at all the cool and fun things all the other Elves out there are doing.
And here's the thing- I could feel bad about the fact that I am half-assing this whole Elf thing, and not measuring up to what all the
organized + creative moms are doing.... But I don't.
Because it would just be dumb to do that.

This Morning-- 
At about 7:30 this morning I heard the kids awake, whispering about the Elf, hurrying up to get downstairs to find him.
Uh. I forgot to do anything with the Elf.
I hurried down right ahead of them and hid the Elf under my shirt.
The kids looked all around and couldn't find him, they went to the basement and before I could hide him they were back upstairs again.
They decided to go to the top floor so I propped him up on the back of the couch with a camera, hidden by the curtains.
Kringle was taking pictures of the FIRST SNOW outside! DUH.

The kids thought it was funny plus they were pretty excited about the snow, too.
Maybe tonight I will do better, maybe I will remember before I go to bed.
Maybe tomorrow morning the kids will wake up to see the Elf doing the funniest thing yet... and maybe not.

Either way, the kids are excited and happy, they look forward to him every morning.
And that makes me smile.
That's the part of the Holiday Season that I love, the wonder and excitement of it all.
So I just let myself off the hook, knowing that it's okay to half-ass most things in this
whole parenting job, and the Elf on The Shelf is no exception.


Can I get an Amen?


  1. Set phone alarm to remind you to move elf before bed. Give yourself LARGE doses of grace as you go thru the holidays. Here is another heap of guilt at ya. They outgrow the wonder. Mine are 16,14 and 11. The years are short for cutesy holiday activities. I don't regret what I did, now tat they won't do. A season. Enjoy!

  2. I set my phone alarm because I forget too and don't worry I don't go all out much with the elf either! The kids are just happy to run around and look for him every morning so whatever we are doing is good enough for them anyway ;)

  3. AMEN! I needed this during this busy pre-holiday period... I will not complain, I have done that enough on the blog, but I totally get you.


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