Under The Tulip Tree

Thursday, April 24, 2014

So, somebody got a hold of their camera and went a little crazy at the park when they saw this beautiful tulip tree on Monday.
I did, I did.
We had the longest, dumbest Winter in history,  but in the end... there are tulip trees like this.
It seriously feels like an award  for that hellish Winter... and I will take it and  R  U  N.
Pink is not usually a favorite color f mine.... But can you even stand all of that awesome pink?!
It's really Spring now.
Like really Spring.
Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

They last for such a short time.... 
I see them every day when I'm driving and they make me so happy.
And I'm not really a pink kinda girl.... But man, they are just so pretty.
That's my little but of happiness this week.
Pure  H  A  P  P  I   N  E  S  S  .

I hope it feels like Spring where you are this week, and that you get to see something really pretty, too. 
Happy, happy Thursday! 


  1. What beautiful pictures! Tulip trees are one of my favorites and it has nothing to do with the fact that tulips are my favorite flower. Thanks for taking so many pics and sharing them!

    1. ThANK You! After a long Winter I think they might just be the PRETTIEST thing i've ever sen!!! : )

  2. Lovely post Amy, I'm so glad spring is here and we have barely even had a winter this year so it must be a relief for you guys.
    It's funny, we call those trees magnolia trees over here in the UK, I find it amazing how so many things are known by different names in different countries :)
    Gorgeous photos. That girl is growing up so quickly, where does the time go? x x x x


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