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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Since I'll have more pictures from another little last minute Summer get-away to St.Louis next week, I thought of share
these from the end of July.  {I started this post back then...}


Last weekend we spent a very   H   O   T   and fun couple of days in St.Louis.
And when I say hot that doesn't even begin to describe the suffocating humidity, but even with that, it was so much fun.
Like sitting on a bench under a tree and having sweat run down you back all the way to your butt
kind of hot.
Yep, I said it. And yep, it happened.

Any little break from reality is always good as far as I am concerned though, even if it's only for a few days.
Weekend get-aways that are not too, too far from home are easy and not stressful and pretty much my favorite thing ever.

Just a few of my favorite things about this mini Road Trip... 

Stopping for donuts at Casey's on our way out of town
Little House On The Prairie marathons
Gas station snacks + candy
Looking for out of state license plates
Coffee for the road
Having actual uninterrupted conversations while the kids watch LHOTP with their headphones on


St. Louis in Instagrams.... 

The Missouri Botanical Gardens are beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
I want to go back for a day by myself, just me and my camera.
I think I could spend forever there if it wasn't 500*.

Beautifully amazing place. So cool. 
And the Lego sculptures were seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen, like ever.
I need to do a separate post on that soon though.
I am definitely a Lego mom, but even if you aren't?
Amazing stuff.


Exploring the city....

Oh, St. Louis... I do love you.

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  1. I miss St. Louis. Every time we take a trip back to Illinois to visit family, we always vow to spend a day in St. Louis and it always seems to never happen. Next to Chicago, it's my favoritest city. I loved the pictures of the Botanical Gardens!! It's one of my favorite spots!


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