Feeling A Little Christmasy

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

See... I'm not a total Grinch, I am writing a Christmasy post this morning.
I thought I would share a few of my favorite Christmasy things around the house today, and really just a few
because I didn't go all kinds of crazy with getting all of my decorations out this year...
There is a lot I didn't bother to unpack because we got our tree later than usual this year.
There's always next year though, right? And yeah, I do pretty much say that every year. Ha!


That's Kringle the elf taking pictures out the front window.
Yes, we do the whole Elf on The Shelf(a pretty laid back version) and no, I am not losing sleep
over it and no, I don't think I am ruining my kids over it either.
There are many, many other ways I am quite sure I am ruining my kids though.  ;)
He's not the most creative Elf but he gets the job done for the most part-- we are not winning any awards for his adventures
though, that's for damn sure.

The holly/mistletoe mug was my grandma's and so was one of the Santa mugs, 
the rest were thrift store/antique store finds.
The green polka dot napkins that match an adorable vintagey flowered
 tablecloth and were all made by Eric's grandma.

I love using my vintage glass ornaments on the tree, in bowls and jars and they look 
extra pretty with the white twinkly lights around them I think. 
I have had some of these glass ornaments passed down to me and one year I scored about
 5 boxes for dirt cheap at a rummage sale. True story. 
I am talking like twenty-five cents and fifty cents per box.

We love our little light up churches and buildings that sit on top of the piano.
One year these were like 75% off at Target after Christmas and my mom bought
 them all for me and saved them as a birthday present for my birthday the next August.
I think they ended up being $5 each.

Handmade glittery pine cone ornament made by Wyatt.

All of the boxes I got from the rummage sale and are in their original boxes.
Love that! 

Ignore all the things the kids crammed under our tree, below. 
This is the thinnest tree we have ever had, ours are usually much more round and full,
but it's kinda pretty and it smells good I think. 
We really didn't take a whole lot of time choosing this year, if you wanna know the truth.

I have to say that even during the years when I am not super into Christmas I love
 seeing ornaments form years passed, favorite Christmas books from my own childhood and
 all of the handmade ornaments from my own kids.
That can't help but get ya a little bit more in the Christmas mood, huh?


Happy Wednesday, friends. 
Good Lord. Christmas Eve is exactly ONE WEEK from today, you guys.


  1. it's all so pretty amy. i've been reading along. so sorry this year is a struggle. giving you a long distance hug!

    1. Thanks, Becky. :) It's all good... rough patches here and there just like everyone else... and that's okay. Happy Holidays to you!

  2. It's amazing the memories decoratons and ornaments can bring back to us. I love that. My Grandmother doesn't put any decorations up anymore and I've been lucky enough to inherit a lot of her decorations that I remember from when we used to vist as little kids. She will be at mine for Christmas this year so I'm sure she will be pleased to see all her decorations adorning my home x x x x


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