One Super-Quick Night Away

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A couple of weeks ago we escaped for just one night away to a town less than an hour away.
I would've loved to go much, much farther... Like to another State at the very least, but we only had about 24 hours...
So another city it was.

It was just a; "Hey guys let's jump in the car and go somewhere for the night but it's gotta be close" kind of thing.
Sometimes that is totally + completely necessary for me.
If I can get out of the house and my usual surroundings just for even 24 hours, it's like a jump start, or a reboot or something for me.
I am literally less stressed, more relaxed and in a different head space within that short amount of time.
Don't you  LOVE  when you are able to do that?
I looove that.

So we ate at our favorite restaurant, Schooner's, that just happens to have the the best corn fritters ever.
Like, EVER ever.
We got some really yummy cookies at Insomnia Cookies, my favorite was the peanut butter cup cookie. Oh my God.
We were a little bummed that we were just barely out of their delivery area, but we were able to stop by the next day so it was all good.
But seriously, warm cookies delivered to your door until 3:00 am?
Hell yes.
Now why didn't I think of that?!

And there was also hotel swimming and hanging out at the bookstore... It was good.
Just what the doctor ordered.


  1. A little getaway sounds perfect! It's so nice to get out of your own town sometimes. Cookies delivered to your door! Wow! What a genius idea. But really, you had me at "Windy City Weiners"-hahahahahaha.

  2. Exactly, Rachel! It can really do a world of good!
    You know we were laughing at that too and I felt a bit like a 7th grade boy at how funny i really thought that sign was! Ha! :)

  3. Sometimes that is all you need. Because even if you are not that far away, you treat yourself, and you are better to yourself and those with you.


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