{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

6:35 a.m.
It is still completely dark still at this time since Spring Forward happened...which is not my favorite thing ever, if you really wanna know.
Birds are singing though and that just makes it feel like Spring out there, even if I am under a big blanket drinking my early morning coffee on the couch.
I love that Spring just feels so close now.

Sometimes after a busy weekend, it's easy to feel, even a couple days into the week, like you are still trying to get caught up. That's exactly how I am feeling this morning.
Since I started working again, my struggle is always the same-- Feeling completely behind on everything at home AND not wanting to spend my entire weekend doing those things. Ha!
I know I need to start spending a little more time getting caught up on these things as well as some time on Sundays to do a little to prepare for the school/work week ahead.
I just need to make myself start doing it already, which is often easier said than done for me.

Do you use Sunday or the weekend in general to plan for the week ahead at all?

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning....
I would tell you that I got to see my three best girlfriends over the weekend.Two of them I have been friends with since junior high and the other since high school. That's a long time, huh?
The older I get the more I realize how absolutely important it is to have friends in your life that you can really and truly count on... and unfortunately, this doesn't always get easier the older you get, either.
My younger self would just die to learn of this... But i have to say that it's not as easy as I thought it would be by the time I hit 40, regarding many, many things and that includes friendships.
That being said, I am so thankful I have these friends that I have been through so much with.
I do wish that I got to meet up with these girls for coffee every week, it would be sooo awesome + 
the mini weekly therapy sessions would be so good for me. Sighhh.

Oh, you wanted a Stanley Update, did ya?
This past weekend was  b e a u t i f u l   and Stanley is loving this weather + being outside just as much as we are.
The kids have been really good about playing outside with him and taking him out, no matter how cold or how much snow we have... But it's just so nice now that we can leave the door open and he can go in and out when he wants.
Stanley is doing well and if we could just get him to sleep in one spot for the night and keep him from going from bedroom to bedroom waking us all up... That would be great.

Sunday we celebrated two of my niece's Birthdays, they spent lots of time outside, cake + ice cream,
The Wubble(having you seen those balloon/bubble things?) and lots of time to play with cousins.
Some days when I am so annoyed/over/tired of where we live, I remember that my kids live near their cousins and grandparents and family and nothing can ever replace all of these memories and the relationships they have...
That's what I will keep reminding myself.

This weekend I am thinking about taking Charlotte to see the new Cinderella movie.
Has anyone seen it? Thoughts?

Hope you all have a great day... Yesterday it was in the 70's and today it's just supposed to be in the 50's... But I'll take it! No snow, ice or freezing temps? 50 sounds just fine to me.
Tell me what's going on with you....what's new in your world?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh Ames- I totally get what you are saying on so many of your thoughts. Weekends- yes! By the time Saturday rolls around the laundry baskets are overflowing and the fridge is sparse- but all I want to do is chill. I also need to correct papers and plan for the next week- but it is SO HARD to get back in our classroom over the weekend! SO usually Mondays are nutty because I am trying to squish in EVERYTHING I should have done over the weekend!
    And Friends. Yes. As I get older I am much more confident with my friendships. I realize who my true blue friends are and don't worry about the ones that can bring drama.
    Hope you have a fabulous rest of your week!

  2. Amy- It's hard! Organization is nOT my best skill... no one would ever say that about me, that's for sure ;) I try to squish all the stuff in in the morning before we leave and then laundry and getting caught up on that stuff in the evening and it's just no good. I think if i had a cleaning lady/organizing lady come while we were gone it would be so awesome. A girl can dream!

  3. Your pup is so cute, and the kids look like they had a great time celebrating birthdays. Sundays are absolutely the day I use to set the house up for success during the week.

    1. I need to get onto that routine on Sundays, Aubrey! Do you have any tips, advice or what you plan/organize for the week ahead? Seriously. I need help.

  4. unsolicited thoughts for Stanley….Maybe try a crate at night? Our dog Navy (10 months old) LOVES her crate with a blanket inside and one covering the crate and we all sleep SO much better:)

  5. Terra- I am always open to unsolicited advice :) we did try the crate just for like 2 nights.... He whined and cried and barked and it was a nightmare to me, like trying to get a baby to cry it out all night. He hated it. And he came from the animal shelter where he was in a cage all the time so I just couldn't do it. I am used to older dogs and just don't really know what I'm doing with one year old StAnley!

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