A Tiny Step In The Right Direction

Friday, May 1, 2015

Hey there.
Happy Friday and an even happier weekend to you.
I am so, so ready for the weekend. The weather is supposed to be nice and there are a couple of little projects I am hoping to start.
Seriously though, is anyone ever not ready for the weekend?


So today I was looking at my calendar, writing in the crazy amount of things we have going on in May and then I started counting up how many days it had been since Easter.
It has been 27 days since Easter.
And you know what else?
It has now been 27 days since I have had a pop(you say soda, I say pop), the last one was on Easter Sunday.
No Dr. Pepper(my favorite), no Diet Coke, no fountain drink with the perfect little pebble ice from the gas station, no going through the drive-thru for a pop during the work day...
Nothing. Not even one sip.
That is huge for me... HUGE.
I decided I was going to go one week and then when I actually did that, I decided I would go two weeks, then I wanted to try for 21 days and then I'd let myself have one.
Well, 21 days passed and I decided I wanted to try for 30.
Now I am just a few days away from 30 and I'm super surprised and impressed with myself if you want to know the truth.

I didn't drink pop every day, but just too much, maybe every other day on average.
And I'm not going to lie, I love it. Love the taste of an ice cold Dr. Pepper, especially from McDonald's.
I am not at all thinking this will be a permanent thing, I am cutting back and to do that I decided to cut it out completely for a while because it was the best way for me.
So what have I been doing?
I have been drinking LOTS and LOTS of water. I already drank a pretty good amount of water anyway, but I have really increased my water intake by quite a bit.
I don't need lemon in my water but I do like it, it's got to be cold and it has to have a lot of ice in it.
The last few weeks I have been able to really tell a difference when I am drinking the amount of water that I know I SHOULD be... I just feel better over all.
I think- and I hope- that one small change will cause another small change...
And I will be able to make some small changes and just keep making them... and hopefully stick with them. That's the plan anyway.

So if there is something you are trying to do that you struggle with... Something you want to quit or cut back on, or even start doing.... I am telling you, if I can cut pop out for almost 30 days now, you can do it.
You can. I seriously have zero willpower, you can so do this.
I keep texting my sister to tell her how many days it has been since I have had a pop... And I remind her that I have to brag on myself because I usually fail at everything I try to do(when it comes to diet, exercise, etc). Sad, but true. Very true.

So I am good right now with just taking one teeny tiny step in the right direction,.
I think slow and manageable is much more realistic for me rather than drastic changes that leave one miserable and feeling deprived of pretty much everything all at once.
I think and I hope that is what works best for me.
If anyone has any advice, ideas, etc. to share I would love to hear it! I am also looking for recommendations for books(blogs, websites, etc)on making lasting change, breaking habits, changing your diet, etc. There are just so many millions of books out there, I would much rather get a suggestion from someone because just looking at Amazon is seriously overwhelming to me. Ughhh.

I will update next week after the 30 day mark.
Hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. Great job, it is so hard to make changes like that, whether it is soda, exercising, cutting out certain foods, watching less tv, using the computer/phone less etc. We all have our weaknesses, and I agree, starting this way is the best. And the sense of accomplishment is great. Last year I cut out a lot of carbs and started trying to eat more healthily and I am trying to keep it up, but I remember how great it felt when I started seeing the results.

    1. Oh my gosh, it really is! And like you said, it is wonderful when you can see results or look at the calendar and visually SEE your accomplishments but when they fade or are not tangible, it's tough! That's definitley when I lose momentum... I''m just gonna keep on trying though. Thanks for your encouragement! : )

  2. Kudos on the pop/soda thing! And i was laughing when you made the distinction! I grew up in Wisconsin=pop, and then I moved to arizona. And the first time I said "pop" I got a bunch of strange "what are you talking about?!" looks, so now it's soda. I opt for water most of the time and then completely relish my large coke from Mcdonald's when it's been one of those days…Kind of makes me appreciate it more, ya know?!

    1. Ha! I am glad someone caught that! : ) Oh my gosh... it's t toally the McDonald's drinks, isn't it? I don't knwo what they do but they are just so good.
      So I believe today is Day 44(still no pop) and I am thinking I will just go a bit longer(50 days?) and then get my Dr. Pepper from McDonald's and just nose dive right into it!


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