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Friday, May 8, 2015

Recently I got to do something I never really get to do but regularly fantasize about doing.
And when I say fantasize, I mean it... I really do fantasize about it a lot.
It may seem silly, or maybe just kind of old-ladyish of me(because maybe I am kind of old-ladyish) 
but I got to spend an afternoon at the Botanical Gardens on a beautiful day. All by myself.
And it was a perfectly beautiful day- sunny, but not hot and not a cloud in the sky.
 The best kind of day.

I got to wander around the gardens slowly and take pictures and not talk to anyone.
No one. For like three whole hours. 
It was pure bliss.
I got to walk around and stop when I wanted to, I got to sit in the grass and look at the water and  do whatever I wanted, when I wanted to. And I got to do nothing at all except sit and think.

I got to take pictures of really pretty flowers, a lot of them.
So many flowers, amazing flowers- all different colors and shapes and I didn't know what any of them were, but I didn't care.
Everywhere I walked I could smell flowers and they smelled so good.
I layed down in the grass by the water and almost fell asleep- Until I heard a man and his kid near me and he was telling the kid not to sit down in the grass because the ducks always poop there. 
Uh yeah... true story.

Oh, what a great day this was!
I am so happy I decided to spend the afternoon like that instead of talking myself out of it.
Imagine how we would all feel if we took a few hours out of our everyday life, just for ourselves,
I know it makes a world of difference for me when I am able to squeeze in little breaks and quiet 
time in my own head occasionally. 

What would you do with three solo hours to yourself??


Happy Friday to you! Have a great weekend! 


  1. Sounds like a perfect few hours to me. I was lucky enough to do this last weekend too. I'm so behind on blogging though, really need to do something about that and get caught up.
    You have got to love a pretty garden, all the colours, just so beautiful x x x

    1. It's something I have to TRY and do regularly to save my sanity! Just go somewhere, anywhere by myself for a few hours. I am out of the blogging groove as well- I'll think I have some ideas and then when I sit down at my computer... nothing. Lol
      Have a great week, Gem!


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