Life Lately...

Friday, May 29, 2015

Life lately in pictures looks like....
A homemade fruit pizza made by the kids and I tonight- a little on the naked side(all we had was kiwi & strawberries!) but still super YUMMY!
Sometimes I buy ready-made crust but this time I made my own sugar cookie crust and the crust was so much thicker and maybe even better.
It looks like reading in the backyard together. And Stanley does not want to be left out of anything
at all. Also, he'd really like an ice cream cone of his own, because he's a smart boy.
It looks like... My roses finally blooming. 
Check out my peace rose, you can't tell that good in this picture but all the edges are pink. So cool. 
It looks like a hand-lettering kit I ordered last week from Prairie Letter Shop.
This weekend I am going to get in some practice. Fun! 
This week there was just a little bit of time for junking, I love searching through piles 
and stacks, inside and out. The older and rustier the better. 
Life lately looks like... Reading on the porch swing.
By myself and in the evening reading Bambi with the kids as well.
I am trying to get back in the habit of reading aloud with them and I am making a Summer 
Reading List for them and for me. Also? This book(below) was good and weird... But good.
Oh and pretty creepy.

Life lately looked like our annual Memorial Day family get-together that was cut a little short
 due to my little lady coming down with the flu. It's no fun throwing up outside in the heat, and even worse when there is no running water to clean up with after. Poor baby.
Life lately looks like this yummy new cocktail that might just be my new Summer drink.
Grapefruit vodka with grapefruit Vita Ice(or something similar would work) over ice.
Super good and refreshing. Also- cute gold-rimmed thrifted glass for the win, it's my
unofficial cocktail glass.
Life lately looks like about 500 school/end-of-the-year things and summer camp scheduling...
and list making and teacher gifts and on and on.
But I got a new calendar and I am checking things off my list.
AND, only 3 more days of school.
Life lately looks like...
Lots of blue + yellow.
Fields of golden rod and the kids in front of an awesome wall we came across last weekend.
Maybe my favorite color combo ever, it just kinda screams Summer.

You know this is just a TINY bit of my life lately... it's not all picture perfect, because no one's life is.
And personally, I don't really want to take pictures of the ugly stuff.
Oh, it's there, and I acknowledge it, but don't nobody want to see  some of this week's ugly in pictures.
Grumpy, crying mood-swings(me)? No thanks.
Quite possibly the largest most painful under the skin pimple I've ever had?
Uh... no.
My Mac book that crashed?
Definitely not.

Remember that when you are looking at other people's pictures and reading other people's words
on social media. It's a tiny slice, not the whole story. Thank goodness, huh?

Happy Friday + have a great weekend!

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  1. Loved the pictures, but really loved the reminder in the last lines!


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