Creating Good Habits

Sunday, January 31, 2016

If you need advice or tips on cultivating bad habits, I'm your girl...I can tell you exactly what NOT to do. If you are looking for a little cheer leading on breaking your own bad habits or starting new ones- again, I'm your girl.
The trouble I have is starting and sticking with my OWN good + positive habits and letting the negative ones go.

That is the tough part and that is the part I need the most work on right now. Lord help me.
I know I am not alone.
I always have the best intentions, and usually keep the majority of these intentions to myself I might add, because who wants everyone else to know when they fail? Not me. Not every time anyway.
And sometimes they last for a few days... Or a week... or less.
Sometimes I really do stick with them- that actually does happen sometimes.
When school started this year I decided that I was going to make lunches ahead of time(the night before) because I absolutely did not want to be making two lunches every morning, or even think about lunches at all in the mornings anymore.
I decided I was going to prep everything for the kid's lunches on Sundays and that they would pack their own lunches every night before school and stick them in the fridge... And guess what?
I started that in AUGUST and we are still doing it. Seriously.
I realize the super-organized, prepared mom would laugh at me for thinking that is such a big deal, but for me it really is. It works, it is so much easier on me and + the kids and it actually makes my life easier. And I have stuck with it for like 6 whole months. That is an actual miracle.
Tomorrow is the first day of a new month and brings with it the chance for a fresh start, in many areas for me.
Back to setting my alarm extra early and for daily personal challenges this month.
I really wish that  just deciding that changes need to be made was enough for me- But it's not. I think it takes a lot of starting over, pep talks to ourselves and trying again and again.
A goal of mine is for more writing-for my own enjoyment, for keeping track and for accountability.

Hope you had a great weekend- And a great January!


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  1. I've been trying to do exactly the same. Some days I do really well and get loads done and others well the least said about them the better haha. Still it is all part of the journey and we will get there x x


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