Time Travellin'

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This morning we had errands to run so I rushed around, got everyone ready, brought a snack for the kids to have on the way, locked up the dogs and we were out the door in pretty good time. Well, not bad anyway. Get to the car, Charlotte climbs in her seat and just as I am about to buckle her in she asks me why I didn't make her wear underwear today. So I take a look and yep, no underwear under her dress. Back inside for Snow White underwear and we are off. I often stop and wonder how things can seem so crazy sometimes with just 2 kids when my Grandma had 15 kids. Fifteen kids. How on earth did she do it?

If I could time travel for just one day I would go back to talk to my Grandma and see how she ran her household when my mom was little and she had so many kids in the house to take care of. Cleaning, laundry, meals, baths, shopping, getting everyone ready for school, church, etc. It had to have been complete chaos, how could it not have been? I would love to be able to go back as my adult self, a mom now myself, and get to see a tiny glimpse of how she did it. Some of my aunts and uncles say that she never yelled and some say they rarely heard her raise her voice at all. She was always so calm and laid back and I am amazed that she made it through all of that with her sanity. Amazing.


  1. who was one of 15 - your mom or dad? i still have all my little people too - i don't even like the new ones! see, we could be neighbors still! and i haven't even gotten to the cpk post yet!

  2. my mom was #5 of 15...that's where all my cousins come from- i love being from a big family!


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