Charlotte's Birthday Quilt

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just had to share a few pictures of the quilt Charlotte got for her 3rd Birthday, made by her Granny. We put our big Doll house Pillow project that we had started on hold--that is now going to be for Christmas, we hope. I talked about that pillow HERE if you want to go check out the one we are kind of using as a model for Charlotte's-it's so cool! Anyway, she just absolutely *LOVES* this little blanket--oh, and the back is totally pink. She loves dragging it downstairs and sitting in the big chair or on the couch with her blanket, stuffed animals and a pile of books.


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  1. was just going to ask you -to post the dollhouse pillow -- make sure you do when it is finished! let me know how hard it is - i'd love to make one for iz


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