A couple months ago while antiquing with my sister we each bought a big bag of vintage Christmas cards for just a few dollars. There are a bunch of cards in these bags and there are some really cute ones and I can't wait to get started on some little projects with them this week. I'm thinking...framing some, a wreath of cards, gift tags and maybe a banner.....we'll see. The coolest thing about these cards is that as I was looking through them yesterday and reading them all for the first time I came across some familiar names. Three of the cards were signed by my grandpa's brother and his wife and family....from many, many years ago when they had children living at home. Isn't that crazy? I thought it was the coolest thing to open up those cards, to see those names and think about their lives back then so long ago. And of course it brought back many memories of my grandpa and of his brother who was also his next-door-neighbor and of my childhood and spending so much time down there and hearing old stories from my grandpa about life when he was younger.
Lots of good memories.
.......All just from opening up an old Christmas card.

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